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Pics: Weather impacts on ‘Cereals’ show, though bigger problems in UK fields

This week, AgriLand attended a ‘Cereals’ uncover in a UK. It’s famous as a cultivatable eventuality and it’s a contingency see outing for any husbandry fan each few years. Cereals is customarily a day for an ice-cream cone and anticipating shade among a trade stands, though not this year. Following 42mm of sleet on a site […]

Targeting chlorine residues in divert – ‘an attention issue’

Achieving glorious bacterial depends in divert and a anathema of chlorine products when cleaning were some of a topics of contention during a National Dairy Council’s (NDC’s) annual plantation travel and convention this week. The annual plantation travel and convention was hold in Co. Monaghan on a McKenna family farm, who were a 2018 Quality […]

Swans and snails take centre theatre during breeze plantation hearing, though why?

Concerns about whooper swan habitats and either or not a helix snail is benefaction during a due breeze plantation growth site in Co. Longford were lifted by a National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) during an verbal conference in a county on Wednesday, Jun 12. The hearing, that was chaired by John Desmond, formulation inspector, […]

‘Photosynthesis could heal’: because cultivation should be driven by environmentalists

The juggernaut of globalisation has been unavoidable for Australian agriculture. From a start, merino nap was a vital trade earner, and it still is. Australia has 70 million sheep and nap reaches markets distant and wide. Overall, 70% of all a primary furnish is sent overseas, including most of a organic produce. Agriculture is as […]

Gallery: Traditional Irish abattoir to go underneath a produce in Co. Offaly

Currently on a marketplace is a singular event to squeeze an abattoir, with an trade licence, that is located at Cavemount, Daingean, Co. Offaly. Clement Herron, of Clement Herron Real Estate, and in partnership with The Leinster Property Auction, is handling a sale. Speaking about a factory’s stream situation, he said: “It is a traditional Irish abattoir.” […]

‘Why veganism is not a answer’ to shortening the environmental impact

Reducing a environmental impact is some-more formidable than simply stealing animal products from a diet. This week, on Wednesday, Jun 12, a National Dairy Council (NDC) – in organisation with Teagasc, Ornua and Lakeland Dairies – hosted a annual plantation travel and convention on a McKenna family plantation in Emyvale, Co. Monaghan. Speaking on a […]

Important beef events holding place in Jun opposite a country

Beef HealthCheck is an Animal Health Ireland (AHI) led programme grown in partnership with Meat Industry Ireland (MII). Under a initiative, AHI and Teagasc have organized a array of events over a subsequent integrate of weeks. The thesis of these events is: ‘Animal Health: A track to enhancing opening and softened efficiency.’ These array of […]

Quality land running during €12,000/ac located in Cork

Daniel Lehane, of Lehanes Associates Ltd., brings to a marketplace a residential plantation and a non-residential plantation – both located in West Cork. These land land are an executor sale. First adult is Kilkern, Rathbarry, Clonakilty, Co. Cork. This comprises a circa 21.75ac non-residential parcel of land only outward a scenic encampment of Rathbarry nearby Clonakilty. […]