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Methane rebate related to improved on-farm profitability

Reducing methane prolongation enhances on-farm profitability, according to a rough commentary of a potentially game-changing general plan involving Teagasc, a Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) and University College Dublin (UCD). Earlier today, Friday, Jan 17, Paul Smith, a third year PhD tyro during Teagasc Grange presented some initial formula from the on-going ‘RumenPredict’ project, that aims […]

How a tellurian conflict on rural emissions began; accommodate Dr. Frank Mitloehner…

The year was 2006. The President of Ireland: Mary McAleese; a Taoiseach: Bertie Ahern (Fianna Fáil); a Minister for Agriculture: Mary Coughlan (Fianna Fáil). It was a year of a ancestral heatwave, culminating in a century-breaking heat high of 32.3°C, available in Elphin, Co. Roscommon. Ireland was ranked as a second wealthiest nation in a […]

Dairy focus: Cork rancher shares his enlargement journey, while gearing adult for spring

Image source: Donal O’Leary Dairy tillage only a stone’s chuck divided from Cork city, Donal O’Reilly was one of many engaging guest who spoke during a Irish Grassland Assocation’s (IGA) Dairy Conference final week – on Wednesday, Jan 8. Donal was unequivocally open when pity his post-quota enlargement journey. He also discussed some of his […]

Glanbia: Supplier bonuses, new entrant ‘contributions’ and more

Glanbia Ireland arch executive Jim Bergin; Glanbia clamp authority Pat Murphy; and organisation secretary Michael Horan. Image source: John D Kelly Supplier bonuses, new entrant “contributions” and prospects for divert supply over a entrance years were pivotal points of information delivered in a array of informal information meetings that are now being hold by Glanbia […]

Italian military detain 94 people in EU agri remuneration rascal bust

94 people have reportedly been arrested by military progressing this week in Italy as partial of an review into an purported Mafia rascal that apparently defrauded European Union cultivation supports of millions of euros. Reported by general news opening Reuters, it is believed that a rascal was orchestrated by dual Mafia clans in eastern Sicily. Reuters reports […]

Sheep focus: Lambing 85 early-season ewes in Gurteen College, Co. Tipperary

Last week AgriLand paid a revisit to Gurteen College, Co. Tipperary, where a early-lambing deteriorate had usually kicked off. The subsequent 3 months are going to be bustling for Kenneth Flynn – a plantation manager – and Gerard Carey – a drystock manager. The early-lambing deteriorate is a start of a busiest duration in a plantation […]

Country diary: a psychology of saying off those thieving pigeons

Appearances aside, loyal assent is fugitive here. The A1, usually over a rise, keeps a credentials divided from overpower many days. It’s subtle, like an unconstrained exhale, and we don’t notice it’s there – though we notice when it’s not. Sunday mornings come close. Then, we register other sounds. Different sounds. More deliberate. Designed to […]