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Agricultural consultants refurbish their protocols, as vital plantation deadlines loom

“We are reaffirming a joining to support Irish farmers as vicious deadlines approach, while stability to work in line with HSE [Health Service Executive] and Government guidelines.” That was a summary now (Sunday, Mar 29) from a Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA). ACA boss Tom Canning explained: “As an vicious use in a rural industry, ACA […]

Dairy calf registrations adult scarcely 55,000 conduct compared to this time final year

The series of dairy-bred calves innate – so distant this year – is adult by over 54,718 conduct or by 6% when compared to a same duration in 2019, sum from a Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) indicate. Beef calf registrations are also using good forward of final year’s levels – adult 19,828 conduct compared […]

Clampdown on tractor dealerships amidst tighter Covid-19 restrictions

The Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) has sensitive a members – in an email round – that they are no longer deliberate ‘essential businesses’ (in light of tighter, country-wide Covid-19 restrictions), saying: “Our trade is no longer in a difficulty of essential businesses that can continue comparatively normal operations.” This, a organization believes, […]

Animal feed retailers enclosed in ‘essential sell outlets’ list

An updated list of retailers, that a Government has highlighted as essential adequate to stay open following new Covid-19 restrictions, has been released. Some businesses, that progressing this week had been deemed “essential”, have subsequently been told that they contingency work usually on an puncture call-out or smoothness basis; definition they can no longer open […]

Farmers and rural workers suggested to lift identification

Image source: Shane Casey The Government has motionless that everybody should stay during home until Apr 12, solely for a series of specific situations – one being for functions of work deemed an “essential service”. Numerous roles in agriculture, food production, machine and village work tumble into a tangible essential services difficulty – alongside other front-line […]

DII welcomes ‘essential worker’ list – though warns of ‘peak’ hurdles ahead…

Dairy Industry Ireland (DII) has welcomed a announcement of a Government’s “essential services” worker list – though warns that poignant hurdles for a attention and suppliers are still fast-approaching. It a matter DII director, Conor Mulvihill, concurred that the list – announced as partial of a Government’s heightened Covid-19 quarrel devise – will give some […]