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LESS is a ‘win-win situation’ for farmers

Earlier this evening, a third partial of [email protected] aired on AgriLand and Teagasc platforms. As partial of a discussion, Mark Plunkett spoke about a unsentimental stairs farmers can take to revoke ammonia emissions by regulating Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS) methods. “In terms of a nutritious value of cattle slurry it’s a profitable source of N-P-K […]

700,000 suckler cows and calves will be weighed in 2020 as partial of BEEP – ICBF

The concentration of tonight’s part of [email protected] concerned a environmental sustainability of beef prolongation in Ireland and what stairs Irish farmers could take to revoke a environmental footprint of their cattle enterprises. Featuring on a part – brought to we by AgriLand and Teagasc – a Irish Cattle Breeding Federations’s (ICBF’s) Dr. Andrew Cromie spoke […]

The destiny of food: inside a world’s largest civic plantation – built on a rooftop

On tip of a distinguished new muster gymnasium in a southern 15th arrondissement of Paris, a world’s largest civic rooftop plantation has started to bear fruit. Strawberries, to be precise: small, greatly flavoured and resplendently red. They thrive extravagantly from off-white cosmetic columns. Pluck one out to counterpart inside and we see a columns are […]

High white clover swards can repair 80-100kg/ha/year of nitrogen – Teagasc

This evening, during day 3 of [email protected], Dr. Mike Egan, a Teagasc grassland researcher, spoke about how white clover can be incorporated into weed swards for beef prolongation and how synthetic fertilizer use can be lowered. He also spoke about a advantages of white clover in a sward and how to say it once it’s there. What […]

‘Last year silage peculiarity would have slipped and we paid a cost in feeding meal’

Loading trowel pulling adult silage on Martin Connolly’s plantation in early May 2020 Co. Roscommon formed rancher Martin Connolly – a member in a Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme – purchases dairy calves and brings them by to massacre as bulls underneath 22 months-of-age. The scale of a operation has increasing with a […]

‘The biggest change we done was dividing a place adult into improved paddocks’

Earlier this evening, a second partial of [email protected] aired on AgriLand and Teagasc platforms. As partial of a discussion, Meath-based rancher Aidan Maguire spoke about a advantages he has achieved given fasten a Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme. “The biggest change we done was substantially dividing a place adult into softened paddocks, and also upgrading a housing comforts […]

A vet’s perspective to flock health in Teagasc Grange

Frank O’Sullivan is a Teagasc Grange oldster overseeing both a Derrypatrick herd and a Grange dairy calf-to-beef unit. In a nutshell, Frank’s categorical purpose is to equivocate illness – either that be clinical or subclinical and he believes in a mantra ‘prevention is pivotal to success’. “Herd health formulation is an ongoing routine that helps […]