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Video: Striking scenes of acrobatics bales prompt Garda warning

Image source: Garda Síochána Kilkenny/Carlow A video that has emerged on amicable media of a dangerous occurrence involving acrobatics bales of straw has stirred a warning from internal Gardaí on a significance of securing loads when on a road. The occurrence occurred on a limit between counties Kilkenny and Tipperary in yesterday dusk (Saturday, Sep […]

Murray-Darling Basin: quarrel looms over NSW devise to permit floodplain harvesting

A new quarrel is brewing between farmers north and south of a Murrray-Darling Basin over a New South Wales government’s devise to permit floodplain harvesting for a initial time after this year, as doubts arise over information on stream flows and a amounts being extracted. A law that creates a use authorised in a meantime […]

Kildare-based calf rearer creates repository cover

A Kildare-based calf rearer was recently name-checked on a cover of Elle magazine, that highlighted women who had worked by a pandemic. “A poetic crony that I’ve finished around Instagram nominated myself and a associate dairy rancher Anna to a online campaign Elle magazine ran, seeking for women operative by a pandemic,” Alice Hodges told AgriLand. […]

‘Helping on plantation is something I’ve grown to conclude more’

The immature Limerick businessman behind Country Munch has found that holding a step behind from a chaotic scheduling of his abounding food business and assisting out on a family plantation is something he has grown to conclude some-more and more. “We were always dairy when we was flourishing up. we remember station in a milking […]

Suckler calf government during weaning: How can farmers optimise efficiency?

The Beef Environmental Efficiency Scheme – Suckler (BEEP-S) offers farmers a event to boost mercantile and environmental potency of their suckler herd. The programme targets a weaning potency of suckler cows and calves by collecting a animals’ liveweights; improving a gratification of suckler calves during a time of weaning; and determining portion in adult suckler […]

NI farmers warned All-Ireland PGI ‘may not be practical’

Officials are claiming it “may not be practical” to embody Northern Ireland in skeleton for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) standing for Irish Grass-Fed Beef. In a matter done to this publication, a orator for a Republic of Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine (DAFM) reliable stakeholders in Northern Ireland had voiced an seductiveness […]

MEP Seán Kelly hits out during UK’s food besiege claim

MEP for Ireland South Seán Kelly has rubbished claims by a British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, suggesting a EU will stop a ride of food products from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. He has described it as “a counsel try to misrepresent jointly designed supplies in a Protocol on Northern Ireland” and 0 some-more than “an brazen act to clear a […]

Online convention array to inspect a scholarship behind NI’s ammonia woes

A array of 3 lunchtime webinars will try a scholarship behind Northern Ireland’s rural woes with ammonia. Run by a Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), a sessions will embody some of a experts assisting to surprise destiny policy. Speakers embody experts from organisations such as a Agri Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), […]