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Video: ‘Trees are replacing people’ – Save Leitrim protests outward Dail

“Trees are replacing people” in Co. Leitrim, with forestry now covering 20% of a county’s landmass according to protesters that collected outward Dail Eireann this morning (Wednesday, Jan 30). Approximately 100 protesters trafficked from Leitrim and a surrounding counties in a north-west to extract in a proof today, job for a Government to move a […]


The CGIAR’S Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) has only non-stop registration for a arriving SCIENCE FORUM 2018 (SF18) on “Win more, remove less: Capturing synergies between SDGs by rural research”. A concentration on capability alone distorts many agri-food systems. GFAR puts farmers and communities, rather than technologies, during a centre of innovation, operative from growth final behind […]

Photos exhibit Queensland string farms full of H2O while Darling River runs dry

These photos were taken by a Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick from a light craft over southern Queensland nearby Goondiwindi, on Wednesday. They uncover rivers such as a Condamine comparatively full, and storages on string farms holding thousands of megalitres of water. Yet 3 hours divided in north-west New South Wales, a Barwon and Darling […]

RESHAPING AGRICULTURE FOR BETTER NUTRITION – The Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Health Nexus

The Crawford Fund’s 2018 annual discussion titled, “Reshaping Agriculture for Better Nutrition – The Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Health Nexus” will be hold on 13-14 Aug in Canberra.   Agricultural scientists have prolonged highlighted a predicament of a world’s hungry, with their work ensuing in produce increases that have fed billions. However, there is increasingly a most […]

Murray-Darling Basin stately elect news finds sum maladministration

The conduct of a stately elect into a Murray-Darling Basin devise has endorsed a finish renovate of the plan, including reallocating some-more H2O from irrigation to a environment. The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin stately elect found a strange devise abandoned potentially “catastrophic” risks of meridian change. Bret Walker SC’s news also found country officials committed […]

6th African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Biennial Conference

The 2018 Biennial discussion is singular with a concentration on university-agriculture village transformation. It will yield an event for participants to showcase their innovations as partial of enhancing a university-farmer village partnership and rendezvous for suggestive innovation.  The due altogether thesis of a 2018 Conference is “Aligning African Universities to accelerate achievement of Africa’s Agenda […]