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Video: What happened during today’s Beef Market Taskforce meeting?

With additional stating by Charles O’Donnell during Agriculture House, Dublin The country’s plantation organisations done straightforward and transparent final for beef cost hikes during a initial central assembly of a Beef Market Taskforce in Dublin today, Tuesday, Dec 3. Issues with courtesy to processors support their commitments underneath a recently determined Irish Beef Sector Agreement […]

Wild seed collectors spin Indiana Jones in a hunt for volatile crops

The seeds of some-more than 370 furious stand class have been collected as partial of a six-year Indiana Jones-style idea to dilate a gene pool of tack crops and guarantee destiny tellurian food confidence in increasingly indeterminate flourishing conditions. A hundred scientists from 25 countries trafficked by horse, dug-out and even elephant to strech remote […]

‘Farmers don’t need beef talks to know they are due a cost rise’ – Cullinan

Irish beef processors have all been called on to boost cattle prices paid to Irish farmers “with evident effect”. Presidential claimant in a ongoing Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) elections, Tim Cullinan, has this dusk said: “Days of beef talks are not required in sequence for factories to broach overdue cattle cost increases to farmers. “We […]

Dairy farmers wand off ‘disturbing gratification claims’ done by former TD

Dairy farmers mounted a clever counterclaim of a sector’s animal gratification record after some unfortunate accusations were done by a former easterly Cork TD during an eventuality in Limerick final Friday, Nov 29. Following a row contention on a subject during a Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) annual ubiquitous assembly (AGM) final Friday, Nov […]