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‘You’re propitious to get paid during all’: how African migrants are exploited in Italy | Hsiao-Hung Pai

The emergence was about to mangle as we arrived, with a organisation of workers in a farmer’s van, during a immeasurable fields that widen out for miles around Campobello, a “handsome fields”, in western Sicily. Everyone got out, and immediately started to work on their line of olive trees. It would take a organisation several […]

Retirement sale sees peculiarity residential plantation in 4 healthy groups on a market

A residential plantation comprising c.33ac of land is now for sale at Carhoogarriff, Leap, west Cork. The villages of Leap and Rosscarbery are both reduction than a 10-minute expostulate from a property; both yield for bland amenities. Munster’s premier plantation machinery, apparatus and agricultural services uncover – a Spring Farm Machinery Show – in Cork is […]

10th GCHERA Conference 2019

10th GCHERA Conference 2019: Leadership of Agricultural and Life Science Universities for a Sustainable World Conference Focus The Conference will support a leaders of rural and life scholarship universities to rise their university’s vital rendezvous in education, research, creation and overdo to residence a tellurian hurdles for tolerable development.  The Conference will take a event […]

Michael McCormack creates initial revisit to Menindee given fish kill: ‘We’re all experts in hindsight’

The Nationals personality Michael McCormack has finished his initial revisit to Menindee given a ecological disaster that led to a genocide of adult to a million fish, claiming “we’re all experts in hindsight”. The emissary primary apportion visited a fish-kill ground-zero site with internal Nationals MP Mark Coulton, who was also creation his initial revisit […]

Brexit could be good for UK environment, says tip supervision adviser

Britain’s withdrawal from a EU’s common rural policy (CAP) provides one of a few splendid spots of Brexit, and if transposed with new legislation could assistance to revive some of a country’s degraded healthy environment, one of a government’s heading mercantile advisers has said. Dieter Helm, highbrow of appetite process during Oxford University, told a […]

Concern mounts that subsequent CAP remodel will be pushed back

Some regard is ascent over a probable need for “transitional arrangements” to be implemented brazen of a introduction of a subsequent Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), as deadline pressures dawn over Brussels. Although a tide CAP is not due to finish until Dec 31, 2020, underneath a new CAP remodel proposals, member states contingency contention their […]

Flagship forager on the approach to FTMTA Farm Machinery Show…with a surprise

A range-topping Jaguar 980 will be centre theatre on a Claas mount during this week’s Farm Tractor Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) Farm Machinery Show (in Punchestown). The appurtenance on arrangement will apparently be wrapped in a particular black livery. Only a few years ago, says Claas, a standard distance of Jaguar operated by a executive here […]

Emergency involvement for beef ‘sidelined’ as concentration shifts to ‘targeted payment’

In a context of a unfinished (no-deal) Brexit, a Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine is now environment a sights on targeted EU financial aids for a beef sector, rather than intervention, AgriLand understands. Despite vigour from plantation bodies to secure beef involvement measures forward of a UK’s depart and intensity crash-out of a […]