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Grain price: Prices during home start clever as general markets increase

Image source: Intermodal Solutions Group This week saw a initial central proclamation of Harvest 2020 pellet prices by an Irish pellet buyer. Dairygold came out of a blocks with a clever cost that set other buyers a high bar to aspire to. Dairygold will compensate bottom prices of €157/t for immature feed barley and €183/t […]

‘Legal limbo’ over harvesting of peat moss for horticulture – Cahill

Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill has pronounced stakeholders have been left in ‘legal limbo’ in propinquity to a harvesting of peat moss for a horticulture industry. 6,600 people are directly employed by a horticulture harvesting of peat moss attention with a serve 11,000 employed indirectly. Deputy Cahill told a Dáil that many of a jobs […]

Ciaran Fitzgerald: Why agri-food matters…in a genuine Irish economy

The agri food zone is a pivotal motorist of a genuine Irish economy, notwithstanding delusional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) sum and media prejudices. Last week we assessed a anti-agriculture trope that asserts that Ireland’s boost in divert prolongation – from 5 to 8 billion litres annually over a 5 years given EU divert quotas were […]

€781 million in BPS allege payments commence

The derivation of allege payments underneath a 2020 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) (including Greening) has been announced by Minister for Agriculture, Food and a Marine Charlie McConalogue. In his announcement, a apportion said: “I am happy to endorse that that allege payments underneath a BPS, value €781 million to 118,000 farmers, have commenced today. “These […]

NI Agriculture Committee ‘asked to rubber-stamp’ Brexit legislation but scrutiny

The Northern Ireland Assembly is being asked to “rubber-stamp” legislation relating to rural issues after Brexit though even carrying entrance to several of a papers to offer correct scrutiny, an MLA has warned. Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone, who is a member of a Assembly’s Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee, explained that in some […]

Minister: €879 million in plantation supports allocated for 2021

Budget 2021 has supposing for continued plantation supports of €879 million in 2021, including some-more than €628 million for a Rural Development Programme (RDP), Minister for Agriculture, Food and a Marine Charlie McConalogue has announced. This will yield appropriation for a continuation of existent schemes during a transition to a subsequent Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), […]