What were a normal husbandry land let charges in 2018?

What were a normal husbandry land let charges in 2018?What were a normal husbandry land let charges in 2018?

It will come as no warn that a top normal cost paid for land final year was for potatoes in Leinster.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) and Teagasc published a ‘Annual Land Market Review and Outlook 2019’ this week and it gave a minute comment of land let sum for 2018.

Tillage prolongation takes adult approximately 7% of a sum rural land area in this country. The categorical flourishing areas are in Leinster and Munster.

In any segment a normal cost paid for land for cereal crops was aloft than that paid for grassland – extending or silage.

Highest normal prices paid

As mentioned above potatoes supposing a top normal cost during €348/ac in Leinster. However, in Munster, “other crops” took a top normal land let value during €268/ac. Protein crops and oilseed rape would also fit into a “other crops” category.

This might be a pointer of a formidable year that was 2018, as many dairy and stock farmers searched for land to grow crops like maize and beet to fight provender shortages.

Prices by region



Connaught and Ulster

Grassland prices

While most speak around land let surrounds sum reaching towards €400/ac for grassland, a normal prices paid did not simulate this, as can be seen below.

It should be remarkable that these sum are averages and factors such as a length of a franchise will have an impact on let prices. Terms of leases will also be opposite in each scenario.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/what-were-the-average-tillage-land-rental-charges-in-2018/

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