Some tip tips for creation first-class silage

Some tip tips for creation first-class silageSome tip tips for creation first-class silage

This week, farmers opposite a nation flooded to a fields to kickstart a 2019 silage season.

This was brought on by a sunny, dry continue with unusually high temperatures – reaching 22° in some areas.

Monitor swards

For farmers who didn’t cut, they should be going out and examining their sealed paddocks to see what expansion theatre they are during – to establish either or not they are fit for harvest.

Grass expansion rates will be attack between 80-100kg DM/ha in a lot of areas this week, so we need to be aware of this when last a collect date.

The peculiarity or a dry matter digestibility (DMD) of your silage will count on how most root and how small stem, seed heads and passed herbage are benefaction in a sward when it is harvested.

However, feeble recorded silage can means a rebate in silage quality, even if weed peculiarity was good during harvest.

Plan collect date

The aim should be to collect first-cut silage before a finish of a first week in June.

The streamer date of a ryegrass also has a purpose to play in last a slicing date of a sward; we should be aiming to cut before a seed conduct starts to emerge on a weed plant.

Intermediate-heading varieties will start streamer out in a second half of May and late-heading varieties in a initial half of June.


Farmers ordinarily check slicing given they are watchful for a nitrogen (N) that they have widespread to be used up.

Although, a stand can be cut progressing if continue conditions are dry and sugarine levels are good (above 3%).

However, Teagasc also recommends “to exam a representation rather than wait for a N to be used up”.


The balmy continue and a high temperatures will yield ideal wilting conditions for a mowed sward.

The problem is, as shortly as weed is cut, sugars start disappearing given they are being used adult by a plant – given it is still vital – and by unattractive bacteria.

Therefore, a aim should be to shrivel as fast as probable to an ideal aim DM of 30-35%.

From an environmental indicate of view, wilting a weed reduces a volume of effluent constructed when it is stored.

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