What hurdles are confronting Irish beef exports to South Korea?

What hurdles are confronting Irish beef exports to South Korea?What hurdles are confronting Irish beef exports to South Korea?

From Seoul, South Korea

A miss of recognition among Korean beef buyers of Irish start beef and pig was highlighted as one of a pivotal hurdles confronting Irish beef exporters in South Korea, agri-food member were told.

Cameron Gordon – executive during Incite Research, a marketplace investigate association formed in Asia – gave a display to Irish member on a Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine and Bord Bia led trade goal to South Korea, carrying landed in a nation currently following 3 days in Japan.

Gordon, quoting feedback performed from Korean food companies asked about their perceptions and practice with Irish produce, said:

“One of a large hurdles that we came opposite when we were going by this doubt was around awareness.

According to a stakeholders that we met and interviewed, there’s really low recognition in ubiquitous of a Irish charity when it comes to pig and beef among these B2B (business-to-business) customers.

However, a investigate dilettante remarkable that, from what recognition was there, some “very certain trends” were mentioned.

These, he said, enclosed traits such as: “clean and green”; food safety; high quality; a repute for productivity; and high standards of animal gratification – with disease-free standing and certain comments around cost and competitiveness also removing a mention.

“Lack of recognition was a large one that came out. And we consider there’s a large plea there – though there’s also a large event in terms of revelation a story,” he said.

Boar taint

Moving on to other identified challenges, for pig Gordon noted: “Boar contaminate was one that only came adult in each singular assembly in Korea, contra Philippines and Vietnam.”

Regardless of either it’s an emanate or a viewed issue, a marketplace consultant said: “I consider that’s one that needs to be deliberate as to how that’s dealt with in terms of a selling side, a storytelling side, a convincing side.

We did hear for instance that Spain has in a past had identical hurdles – though by storytelling, by selling etc, has managed to make their approach around these challenges.

“Another one that came adult was around assembly specifications,” he added.

“Now what we’re being told there is a Germans who for instance are really good during assembly a internal selection of a Korean market.”

Gordon pronounced that a matter centred around “really perplexing to accommodate that internal specification, to make certain that we’re gratifying a needs of a downstream customers”.

Other issues also remarkable enclosed unsuitable supply lines and shipping time-frames.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/what-challenges-are-facing-irish-meat-exports-to-south-korea/

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