ICSA beef account assembly debates suckler payments

ICSA beef account assembly debates suckler paymentsICSA beef account assembly debates suckler payments

The subject of creation payments to a suckler zone underneath a €100 million beef account was hotly discussed during a assembly of a Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’s Association (ICSA).

The meeting, reason in a Athlone Springs Hotel this evening, Thursday, Jun 13, was led by a association’s ubiquitous secretary Eddie Punch, who summarized a calculations on how most farmers would get in several scenarios.

He explained that, formed on a sum for a sum beef kill for a duration Oct 2018 to Apr 2019, any rancher would be be paid €92 per head.

And if feedlot cattle are discounted, a pay-out increases to €131 per head, Punch explained.

However, he stressed that there was a grey area, where feedlots are concerned, highlighting a disproportion between factory-owned and farmer-owned feedlots.

Punch suggested that a conduct cap- whereby farmers would not be paid over a certain series of cattle – could be used to forestall an extreme apportionment of a account anticipating a approach to feedlots, regulating a figure of 200 as an example.


Farmers during a assembly were told that a some-more cohorts of cattle that were enclosed underneath a fund, a some-more a pay-out per rancher goes down.

Punch explained that if a €50 remuneration was done on any suckler cow that calved during a duration Oct 2018 to Apr 2019, afterwards a pay-out for slaughtered cattle would dump to €72 per head.

“It’s reasonable to contend we can’t do that,” he said.

Punch’s colleague, a ICSA’s beef chairman, stressed that any remuneration on sole cattle should embody a sustenance whereby a animal is kept on plantation for a smallest duration of time.

The choice was also mooted that animals sired from a dairy multiply could be released to reduce a series of cattle that would authorised for a payment.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/icsa-beef-fund-meeting-debates-suckler-payments/

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