Irish agri-tech association Herdwatch launches new UK venture

Irish agri-tech association Herdwatch launches new UK ventureIrish agri-tech association Herdwatch launches new UK venture

Herdwatch, a Tipperary-based cultivation and digital record company, is rising a expostulate to serve settle itself in a UK.

The business has teamed adult with UK-based agri-retailer Mole Valley Farmers to enhance a operations opposite a water, in what it has described as a “landmark” move.

The Herdwatch plantation government app is already used by over 10,000 farmers opposite a dual countries. It’s suspicion that a new try will pierce a app to “thousands more” farms in a UK.

“We are gay to partner with Mole Valley Farmers. They have a truly national strech and are committed to bringing innovative solutions to their rancher business in sequence to pierce a attention forward. We demeanour brazen to a prolonged and cultivatable attribute with Mole Valley Farmers,” pronounced Fabien Peyaud, CEO of Herdwatch.

Mole Valley Farmers was founded in 1960 by a organisation of farmers in Devon in a south of England. Today, it has over 8,300 rancher shareholders, and claims 45,000 members.

In 2016-2017, a association had a turnover of £464 million.

Its deputy Helen Hollingsworth said: “Technologies that assistance day-to-day plantation government are increasingly applicable deliberation augmenting flock size, joined with work challenges.

The ultimate aim is to assistance farmers urge flock capability and profitability, while creation their lives easier and maximising a lifetime opening of a dairy herd.

According to Herdwatch, a Growth Partners Programme is open to all agri-businesses and agri-professionals who “want their rancher business to advantage from a easy-to-use plantation government technology”.

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