Soil sampling…when belligerent conditions improve

Soil sampling…when belligerent conditions improveSoil sampling…when belligerent conditions improve

While many fields are too soppy to take a wander by it is critical to keep in mind that autumn is a time for dirt sampling. However, dirt exam formula will many expected give a some-more accurate reading if we wait until belligerent conditions improve.

If belligerent is too soppy to work or graze, it is generally too soppy to sample.

However, a soppy continue won’t stop we from pricing around opposite dirt representation costs. Prices change between companies and between dirt tests – depending on a turn of fact needed.

It is also good to book your mark if someone is holding a samples for you, as there will many expected be a reserve when belligerent conditions improve.


Having dirt exam formula early in a deteriorate allows for formulation and ensures that we get your dirt prepared for a deteriorate ahead.

Lime might need to be practical to soil, while early showing of changes to dirt indices also means that a devise can be done to urge dirt indices and safeguard nutrients are used efficiently.

Knowing what fertilizer needs to be systematic early in a deteriorate also gives some choice as to when fertilizer might be purchased and gives opportunities to take advantage of a marketplace if there is one.

Malting barley farmers

Farmers who supply barley to Boortmalt should also take advantage of a special offer on dirt samples supposing by Teagasc and Boortmalt’s corner programme.

Suppliers of a association will be means to relief of dirt samples during a cost of €15/sample on their malting barley area. Anyone meddlesome should hit their internal Teagasc or Boortmalt advisor.

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