€3m in hen harrier payments embark amid earnest results

€3m in hen harrier payments embark amid earnest results€3m in hen harrier payments embark amid earnest results

Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed with Hen Harrier Project manager Fergal Monaghan

The Hen Harrier Monitoring news for 2019 – that is display a 35% boost on a 2017 figure in a series of immature hen harriers fledged – has been welcomed by Minister for Agriculture, Food and a Marine Michael Creed.

The apportion also reliable that a 2019 Hen Harrier Programme payments have commenced, with 1,500 participating farmers set to accept approximately €3 million in a entrance weeks.

Hen Harrier monitoring was carried out by a Golden Eagle Trust operative with a Hen Harrier Project team.

The news was presented to Minister Creed by a Hen Harrier Project manager, Fergal Monaghan, who also updated on a swell of a project.

Hen Harrier Project

Speaking after a display a apportion said: “The estimable investment by my dialect in a Hen Harrier project, and quite a actions of a 1,524 participating farmers have contributed to this achievement.

“Together these participants conduct over 37,000ha opposite all 6 Special Protection Areas and make a outrageous grant to this biodiversity priority.

“The altogether conditions is still vicious and there is no room for complacency, though we are relocating in a right direction.”

This was echoed by a plan manager, Fergal Monaghan, who pronounced “it has been a really prolific year for hen harriers.

A sum of 81 chicks left a nest in 2019, adult 35% on a series available in 2017 when a Hen Harrier Project commenced, and a tip figure available given a initial SPA consult in 2005.

Minister for Culture, Heritage and a Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan, also welcomed a estimable boost in fledging in 2019, adding: “I am looking brazen to my department’s stability impasse in a Hen Harrier Project and other initiatives to urge a charge standing of a species.”


Minister Creed also welcomed a derivation of 2019 medium payments to farmers underneath a Hen Harrier Programme.

Some 1,500 participating farmers will be receiving approximately €3 million in payments between now and a finish of a year.

“These locally-led projects are one of a genuine success stories of a Rural Development Programme and we honour all a projects on their ongoing good work.

“I would inspire all stakeholders to rivet in a conference routine now underway to ready for a subsequent Common Agricultural Policy, and assistance figure a destiny of locally-led schemes and agri-environment policy,” a apportion concluded.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/e3m-in-hen-harrier-payments-commence-amid-promising-results/

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