2019 cereal collect adult 20% on final year

2019 cereal collect adult 20% on final year2019 cereal collect adult 20% on final year

The 2019 collect report, published by Teagasc today, Monday, Dec 2, estimates that a prolongation of cereals was 2.2 million tonnes in 2019.

This represents an boost of 373,000t (20%) from a drought strike collect of 2018, according to a figures.

Teagasc reports that altogether cereal stand yields – and peculiarity – were good, notwithstanding some damaged continue for harvesting in August. A multiple of glorious sowing conditions final open and a enlightened flourishing deteriorate led to a top accessible normal yields of open barley, during 8t/ha (3.24t/ac)

Teagasc states that formed on new information from a Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine, a decrease in cereal area gifted in new years has stopped. Teagasc calculates that a cereal area stays unvaried from 2018, during 261,000ha (645,000ac).

However, a “dynamic” of a cereal area changed, with a 27% boost in winter cereal area from 2018 to 2019, especially as a outcome of enlightened planting continue in autumn 2018.

This, according to Teagasc, resulted in a record area of winter hardly during 81,400ha (201,000ac)

Teagasc says that a peculiarity of pellet harvested this year was “excellent”, with high hectolitre weights and low screenings.

Although a direct for straw was reduce than in 2018, many of a straw baled in good conditions.

Current estimates prove that a winter cereal area for 2019/2020 is 50% reduce than 2018/2019 due to high rainfall in a autumn, that hampered sowing operations.

According to Teagasc a counties many influenced by this are in a north east, with some counties as low as 30% planted. Southern counties, on a other hand, have fared better, with adult to 80% planted in Tipperary.

This will outcome in a large boost in open barley area for collect 2020, Teagasc predicts.

The full Teagasc Crops Report for 2019 is accessible here.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/2019-cereal-harvest-reaches-2-2-million-tonnes/

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