Video: What happened during today’s Beef Market Taskforce meeting?

Video: What happened during today’s Beef Market Taskforce meeting?Video: What happened during today’s Beef Market Taskforce meeting?

With additional stating by Charles O’Donnell during Agriculture House, Dublin

The country’s plantation organisations done straightforward and transparent final for beef cost hikes during a initial central assembly of a Beef Market Taskforce in Dublin today, Tuesday, Dec 3.

Issues with courtesy to processors support their commitments underneath a recently determined Irish Beef Sector Agreement Sep 15 were also tabled by a rancher representatives.

Speaking to AgriLand after a meeting, that took place during Agriculture House on a capital’s Kildare Street, member from several plantation run groups – including Dermot O’Brien of Beef Plan Movement; Pat McCormack boss of a Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA); Joe Healy boss of a Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA); and Edmond Phelan boss of a Irish Cattle Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) – reflected on how record progressed during a four-hour-long engagement.

Cormac Healy, a comparison executive of Meat Industry Ireland (MII), also spoke to this announcement and concurred that comparisons had been drawn around a list in propinquity to beef cost levels in Ireland contra reflection levels in other EU markets.

The Beef Market Taskforce was determined by a Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed on feet of a agreement final September.

Agreed mins of beef talks

In a matter this evening, Minister Creed said: “I am gay that a assembly of a taskforce has now taken place. The taskforce will yield for a strong doing structure for commitments entered into in a agreement.

“I allocated a really gifted and means chair chairman in Michael Dowling to lead this process. It is needed that a whole zone works together to secure a destiny of Irish beef.”

“At today’s assembly a terms of anxiety of a taskforce were concluded and adopted. Activity underneath a actions concluded to on 15 Sep was discussed in some detail,” he said.

The concluded mins and applicable refurbish papers will be published on department’s website.

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