GDT auction sees slight tumble after 5 unbroken increases

GDT auction sees slight tumble after 5 unbroken increasesGDT auction sees slight tumble after 5 unbroken increases

After 5 uninterrupted increases, a Global Dairy Trade (GDT) auction saw a slight tumble of 0.5% during a latest event, hold today, Tuesday, Dec 3.

Today’s proposal – eventuality 249 – lasted for dual hours and 14 minutes, and saw 179 participating bidders during a 15 rounds of bidding, finale with 135 winning bids.

A sum of 36,258MT of product was sole today.

Only dual product categories saw decreases during this event, yet they were adequate to drag behind a altogether index compared to a some-more extrinsic gains for a other products.

The Anhydrous divert fat (AMF) sub-index fell by 5.1%, while a butter underling index fell by 4.9%.

In terms of a products that changed up, rennet casein (RenCas) continued a clever opening from a final GDT eventuality – hold on Nov 19 – with a index augmenting currently by 4.9%.

Butter divert powder (BMP); cheddar (ched); slick divert powder (SMP); and whole divert powder (WMP) all saw increases – by 1.6%; 2.7%; 1.9%; and 0.1% respectively.

The commission boost for lactose (lac) was not provided, though in terms of financial value, it increasing by $4/MT.

As is generally a case, total were not accessible for honeyed whey powder.

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