Dale Farm and ABP Horizon Dairy Beef Partnership: Everything we need to know

Dale Farm and ABP Horizon Dairy Beef Partnership: Everything we need to knowDale Farm and ABP Horizon Dairy Beef Partnership: Everything we need to know

Two of Northern Ireland’s vital agri-food businesses, Dale Farm and ABP, have announced a Horizon Dairy Beef Partnership.

‘Horizon’ is a initial collaborative intrigue of a kind in Northern Ireland, that will produce a marketplace for selectively-bred, Aberdeen Angus, dairy-origin calves from Dale Farm dairy suppliers by a ABP supply chain.

We saw a rather identical programme rolled out in Apr 2019, where Kepak and Glanbia assimilated army to deliver a Twenty20 Beef Club.

The partnership aims to produce full traceability from calf-to-carcass, and will produce inputs and technical recommendation – from United Feeds, Genus ABS NI and AI Services (Northern Ireland) Ltd. – to support animal gratification and prolongation efficiency.

In a programme’s initial year, a aim will be to source approximately 2,000 Aberdeen Angus calves – to be finished as steers and heifers, with a examination scheduled thereafter.

Underpinned by genetic investigate from ABP’s RD farms opposite a UK and Ireland, animals will be bred following despotic protocols enabling them to be marketed during 18-20 months – some 4 months next a UK average.

One of ABP’s RD farms in Clonegal, Co. Carlow

This will safeguard a poignant rebate of emissions per animal, ensuing in a some-more carbon-efficient model, in which a support structure will be supposing to all participants.

Various options are accessible to participants in a Horizon scheme.

Option 1

Dale Farm suppliers have a choice to multiply partial of their flock to comparison Aberdeen Angus genetics endorsed by AI Services and Genus ABS NI.

It is accepted that farmers with a Jersey or Jersey-cross flock will not be authorised for a scheme.

Bull preference has been formed on pivotal parameters, such as: easy calving; rehearsal length; and pivotal beef opening traits – namely 200/400/600-day body weight, eye-muscle area, fat depth, sell yield, and a depot index.

One of ABP’s RD farms in Clonegal, Co. Carlow

These calves will be purchased by ABP during three-to-four weeks-of-age, formed on a marketplace value during a time and embody a cost of a AI straw.

Additionally, a calves will be collected within three-to-five days of squeeze and paid for on a day of collection.

An additional reward will be paid for all calves bred from a endorsed longhorn list (these bulls will be minute after in a article).

A despotic health custom contingency be adhered to and calves will be DNA profiled to safeguard a settled tact programme reflects a calves constructed and purchased.

Option 2

Option 2 will concentration on a rearing duration between 4 and 16 weeks-of-age and will be open to both Dale Farm and ABP members.

ABP will supply calf rearing inputs and produce support to maximize calf opening during a rearing period, in terms of health and nourishment – following ABP’s Blade Farming model.

In return, any rearing plantation will accept a bound government cost on a ‘per calf’ basis; there is also a reward accessible if pivotal opening and information entrance targets are met; a aim weight of 120kg has been set for a rearing stage.

All of a above will be totalled to safeguard adequate usage, with both ABP and United Feeds technical staff providing support to all farms to maximize calf opening via a rearing period.

Option 3

Option 3 focuses on a finishing duration between 4 and 20 months and will be formed on a pricing model, designed to cover submit costs and leave a domain if pivotal opening targets are achieved.

Weanlings will be purchased from ABP during 16 weeks.

It is accepted a final cost paid to a finisher will be formed on a marketplace value for steers and heifers during that time, with a cost of all applicable inputs covered.

While there is an event for a Dale Farm retailer to opt for all 3 options mentioned above in a future, it is accepted that this complement is not preferred in a scheme’s initial year.

Am we authorised for a scheme?

If for any reason a rancher wants to opt-out of a scheme, rearers will have to give a two-batch notice and finishers will have to massacre their stream collection of cattle.

As already stated, Dale Farm suppliers must purchase Aberdeen Angus genetics from Genus ABS NI or AI Services (Northern Ireland) Ltd.

The Genus ABS NI Aberdeen Angus sires that are endorsed for use in ‘Horizon’ are minute below.

The dual Aberdeen Angus sires that are endorsed by AI Services (Northern Ireland) are listed below.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/dale-farm-and-abp-horizon-dairy-beef-partnership-everything-you-need-to-know/

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