Is maize replacing wheat and barley imports?

Is maize replacing wheat and barley imports?Is maize replacing wheat and barley imports?

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In this month’s import sum – performed from a Central Statistics Office (CSO) – AgriLand looks during how Irish tastes have changed; maize continues to dominate.

The infancy of a imports listed (below) are used for animal feed, while smaller amounts are used to furnish drinks and flour.


Up until Nov 2019, scarcely 1.4 million tonnes of maize (unmilled, other than seed) were alien into this country. That’s an boost of 108,899t on a January-to-October figure.

In 2018, roughly 1.6 million tonnes of maize were alien into Ireland over a whole year, so during benefaction it would take a estimable boost in imports for a month of Dec to accommodate that figure.

1.1 million tonnes of a product were alien in 2017.

This list (below) shows a volume of maize, barley and wheat (tonnes) alien into this nation from Jan to Nov in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Data source: CSO


Barley (unmilled) imports are adult roughly 18,000t given October. The sum volume of barley alien from Jan to Nov (inclusive) of this year comes to 129,042t.

This is good behind a same duration in 2018 – a year of serious drought – when a figure was 372,061t. It is also significantly next 2017, that alike to 170,635t for a same duration (January to November).


Wheat (including spelt and meslin, unmilled) is a identical story to barley.

This is once again behind a same duration of final year when wheat imports were during 415,525t. It is also behind that duration for 2017.

In 2017 – a some-more standard year than 2018 – 274,661t of wheat were alien from Jan to November.

Maize continues to boost as barley and wheat drop

Looking during a maize import sum it would seem that tastes have simply changed. This might be due to a cost per tonne or relations appetite values but, whatever a case, maize has turn a renouned choice.

In any event, 2018 was an well-developed year and imports increasing to accommodate feed demand. So, comparing 2017 and 2019 levels, it is transparent to see that barley and wheat imports have decreased – by 76,827t combined.

Maize imports increasing by 407,106t from 2017 to 2019.

Where does that maize come from?

In November, 62,531t of maize were alien from Ukraine. That nation is throwing adult with Canada.

AgriLand has no information on a start of a maize that is entrance in from Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Where did a wheat and barley come from?

Great Britain and Northern Ireland are a categorical sources of wheat and barley. Smaller amounts come from other European countries.

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