Video: ‘We will tighten Dublin; we have no problem shutting it down’

Video: ‘We will tighten Dublin; we have no problem shutting it down’Video: ‘We will tighten Dublin; we have no problem shutting it down’

A rancher and rural executive holding partial in a tractor criticism in Dublin today, Wednesday, Jan 15, has pronounced that a protesters “have no problem shutting Dublin down”.

Speaking to AgriLand during today’s protest, James Geoghegan, one of a participants, has pronounced that while beef prices are “too low”, CO taxation has turn “nearly a bigger issue”.

He remarkable that a people holding partial in a criticism are not partial of any organization and are “individual farmers of Ireland”.

The Westmeath male claimed there is “approximately 400” vehicles and “500 – 1,000 people” attending a criticism on feet and are from all over Ireland.

He continued: “What we’re display each TD in a nation is that we can retard Dublin during any time we want; we will retard it down until we get what we need and what we need is a tolerable living.”

This is not even for negotiating, we are not profitable CO tax.

Concluding, a rancher and executive added: “By tomorrow night, we will know accurately what we meant when we contend we’re shutting down Dublin.”

About a protest

Tractors began entertainment in several tools of a nation this morning in credentials for a tour to Dublin, with trailers, 4X4s and machine of all sorts also creation a trip.

The tractor criticism is being organized by a series of particular farmers. It is accepted that it is not being rigourously upheld or organized by any of a categorical tillage organisations.

In a matter final night, a Garda orator said: “A large-scale criticism by members of a tillage zone is approaching to take place in Dublin city on Wednesday, Jan 15, with around 400 tractors approaching to intersect on a city centre from all around Ireland from early afternoon.”

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