Fendt prolongation dangling during 2 plants due to Covid-19

Fendt prolongation dangling during 2 plants due to Covid-19Fendt prolongation dangling during 2 plants due to Covid-19

The rural machine writer AGCO – builder of Fendt – is suspending a prolongation during a Marktoberdorf and Asbach-Bäumenheim sites in Germany due to Covid-19.

The “complete closure of critical prolongation sides in Europe” has meant that components are not now accessible from suppliers, with shortages bringing prolongation to a hindrance in a dual plants, a machine hulk revealed.

Despite good numbers of orders entrance in, tractor prolongation was forced to stop as of yesterday, Wednesday, Mar 25.

During intrusion in production, ancillary dealers’ and customers’ use final stays a tip priority, a association stressed.

At AGCO’s prolongation sites in Feucht, Waldstetten, Hohenmölsen and Wolfenbüttel a supply of tools is for a time being still ensured. For this reason prolongation can be continued in these locations, AGCO added.

Commenting on a situation, Christoph Gröblinghoff, authority of a AGCO/Fendt management, said:

“At AGCO a reserve of a employees, dealers and farmers is a comprehensive concentration of a efforts. At a same time we wish to safeguard that a business can continue to work and yield food for a population.

“We request despotic hygiene manners and offer home bureau solutions wherever possible. At a same time we also secure a association in sequence to be means to sojourn essential and fast on a market.

The same relates to a sales partners who wish to offer a farmers in a best probable way, generally now in open grouping and sowing.

“Because of a blank tools we do not see any other probability than to stop a production.

“As shortly as a supply sequence is operative again we will start again,” Gröblinghoff concluded.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/fendt-production-suspended-at-2-plants-due-to-covid-19/

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