75% of Irish food and splash firms fear Covid-19 recession

75% of Irish food and splash firms fear Covid-19 recession75% of Irish food and splash firms fear Covid-19 recession

L-R: Padraig Brennan, meat, food and libation director, Bord Bia, and chair of a conference; with Brendan Gleeson, secretary general, a Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine. Image source: Fennell Photography

75% of Irish food and splash businesses fear a retrogression stirred by Covid-19, while 71% of companies are actively seeking to enhance into new markets in response to Brexit, according to a new news from Bord Bia.

The news – patrician Bord Bia’s Risk Readiness Radar – was published today, Thursday, Jul 2.

A news launch was hold in a RDS practical events studio and hosted by Padraig Brennan, meat, food and libation director, Bord Bia, and Shane Hamill, Bord Bia’s Brexit and vital projects lead. Brendan Gleeson, a secretary ubiquitous of a Department of Agriculture, Food and a Marine, also spoke during a launch.

This, a Irish food play claims, represents a “most accurate and strong risk comment of a Irish food and splash attention ever conducted”.

Padraig Brennan during a row contention with: Tara McCarthy; John Jordan; Catherine Neilson; and Niall Browne. Image source: Fennell Photography

Industry panelists included: Tara McCarthy, CEO, Bord Bia; John Jordan, CEO, Ornua; Catherine Neilson, executive of strategy, Kerry Group; and Niall Browne, CEO, Dawn Meats, with a row deliberating a news commentary in depth.

Commenting during a event, Tara McCarthy said: “Given a island plcae on a corner of Europe, Irish manufacturers with a expansion concentration are trade dependent.

The estimated value of food, splash and horticulture exports from Ireland for 2019 was €13 billion, capping a decade of unusual expansion where a value of Irish food and splash exports increasing by 67%.

“The latest accessible CSO [Central Statistics Office] sum for Apr showed food and splash exports holding adult to final years’ value during a sum level; however, with poignant opposite between categories and between destinations.

“The stream unfolding acted by Brexit and Covid-19 strengthen a procedure behind overcoming any obstacles presented by trade marketplace diversification,” McCarthy said.

Launched by Bord Bia today, a news “captures a high-level risks confronting a attention opposite 6 pivotal areas: Covid-19; Brexit; hurdles to marketplace diversification; sustainability pressures; consumer insights and innovation; and talent management”.

The in-depth attention research captures a spin of risk exposures confronting a industry, “and in spin translates insights into interventions around Bord Bia’s supports and programmes to assistance attention lessen tangible risks”, a Irish food house says.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/75-of-irish-food-and-drink-firms-fear-covid-19-recession/

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