Tillage focus: Commitment to protein and farrago during Dairygold

Tillage focus: Commitment to protein and farrago during DairygoldTillage focus: Commitment to protein and farrago during Dairygold

This deteriorate Dairygold has seen a business roughly double a area of beans planted by a growers. This isn’t a surprise, a associated has been ancillary and compelling home-grown protein with bound prices for a past dual years.

Behind a scenes investigate is also going on with agronomy and diversifying a protein portfolio.

A mount of peas nearby Kinsale, Co. Cork, with a 1m frame of phacelia planted in a domain domain to foster biodiversity

This month, AgriLand visited a 70ac site dedicated to protein crops where Liam Leahy, conduct of husbandry during Dairygold, is operative alongside a rancher to hearing peas, beans and soybeans, while also examining ways to potentially urge biodiversity.

A sea of white flowers greeted AgriLand nearby Kinsale in Co. Cork. The thick mount of peas was station high and pods were plentiful.

This year is a initial in a past 20 that Dairygold business have planted peas. In full flower, they demeanour a design and all going good should produce well.

Liam Leahy of Dairygold was checking in on this mount of peas

Peas can be a some-more formidable mount to understanding with than beans during times, though this thick mount looks healthy so distant and a change seems to have been achieved between removing a good mount and producing pods. The progressing collect date will be appealing to many growers.

The mount was planted in Apr and collect should be in August.

There were copiousness of pods on a pea mount progressing this month in Co. Cork


The subsequent domain over, as Liam says himself, is an experiment. Soybeans were planted in a final few days of Apr and while they determined well, pigeons presented a problem.

“I unequivocally wanted to see can we grow them and we know now we can grow them,” Liam noted.

Soybeans in Co. Cork progressing this month

Trial and blunder competence play a purpose in a early days, though already he is meditative of techniques to keep pigeons during brook subsequent season, either that be by a use of a messenger mount or by proceed drilling into a cover crop.

The mount perceived a pre-emergence herbicide, though Liam did not advise a follow adult focus and will see how it performs in a entrance weeks before holding serve action.

Of a plants that were there a advantages could be seen in a nitrogen-fixing nodules on a roots.

Nitrogen-fixing nodules on a mount of soybeans


In a margins of all of a fields on this site there is a pollinator strip. A hum comes from a line of purple phacelia as we nearby a perimeters of any field.

Bees and other insects are abounding in a dedicated 1m-wide margin. This is something Liam hopes that some-more of a company’s growers will plant on their farms.

Between flowering peas, beans and phacelia this sold set of fields is a good instance of Irish cultivation and what Europe strives to do with a Farm to Fork Strategy.

The pollinator frame was buzzing in Co. Cork progressing this month

He commented that growers competence protest when planting a strip, though when a plants are during work during a summer a value can be seen. A internal bee screw has also set adult hives in a margins.

A internal bee screw has placed hives on a farm

Beans in a rotation

Moving into a domain of beans, that was approximately 5ft high and full of pods, Liam commented: “Farmers have bought into a thought of rotation. Every grower sees a advantage of a mount of beans in their rotation.”

Beans contest with crops of malting barley and winter wheat for area in a Cork segment though Liam added: “If we wish high-yielding crops of winter wheat we need a rotation.

“We have pretty committed growers now,” Liam explained.

However, he combined that while a advantages can be seen in a subsequent crop, a supervision support is still important.

He believes this support will and has to continue as some-more and some-more speak of locally-sourced protein is mentioned in a growth of policy.

This sold mount of Lynx perceived 0-7-30 during sowing, a pre-emergence herbicide and Signum (fungicide), along with snippet elements and phosphite during flowering. A follow adult of Signum was practical during a finish of June.

Chocolate mark was creeping into some crops during a finish of June, though there were no signs in this field.

Irish ration

Feed sales are down during present, quite for beef animals. Last year, Dairygold launched an all Irish ration and Liam re-enforced a joining of Dairygold to Irish pellet and protein. The association purchased approximately 110,000t of Irish pellet in 2019.

“We’re putting vast amounts of cereals into a rations. The volume of beans we have we absolutely use in all a feeds. We’ll have no cereals going into a harvest.”

The pro-active proceed being taken by Dairygold, and indeed other tools of a industry, on protein crops and biodiversity is poignant and in many ways is forward of a strategies to be put in place during EU turn in a entrance months and years.

This is another instance of a Irish husbandry attention heading by example.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/tillage-focus-commitment-to-protein-and-diversity-at-dairygold/

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