Early sowing pivotal to cover stand success

Early sowing pivotal to cover stand successEarly sowing pivotal to cover stand success

As farmers start to collect winter barley opposite a country, now is a time to cruise about cover crops.

Sowing crops early can outcome in improved crops and some-more biomass.

When it comes to cover crops a aged observant “a day in July, is a week in Aug and a month in Sep is always critical to remember”.

As shortly as straw has been private from fields farmers should get relocating on cover crops. Some will plant with a drill, though zero high-tech is needed. A light compartment and a pass of seed with a fertilizer spreader and a drum will still grasp a cover.

Farmers with winter barley might even plant a cover between winter crops in their rotation. Soil will advantage from a cover stand sown in a entrance weeks and left in place until planting in October.

What to sow?

There are loads of options accessible to growers. When determining on a stand we should cruise your soil. Do we simply wish a cover to take adult nutrients and strengthen a dirt or do we wish a stand to urge a soil’s structure?

Other tiny and fine-rooted plants like phacelia can also assistance to urge dirt hardness and make a belligerent some-more unsound and crumbly.

Planting a cover stand of churned class can assistance to urge a farrago of wildlife and dirt micro-organisms. Some farmers will plant vast cover stand mixes, though once you’re not planting for a specific intrigue there are no manners so plant what we are gentle with.

If we have oilseed rape in your revolution it’s advisable to stay divided from brassica crops, as volunteers might infer tough to control down a line and can revoke yields of oilseed rape crops.


If we are in the Green, Low Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) we contingency follow a rules. At slightest dual class contingency be planted in a brew and certain seed quantities need to be followed that are contingent on a opposite class used.

Fodder requirements

A cover stand can also play a purpose in a provender budget. If we or someone we know is low in provender for a entrance deteriorate a provender stand can be a good choice to fill a deficit.

Forage rape, stubble turnip and hybrid brassica crops can yield vast amounts of biomass when planted early. Farmers should aim these crops during lighter animals when extending over winter to equivocate poaching.

However, if we are planting for GLAS remember that these crops can't be grazed until Dec 1.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/early-sowing-key-to-cover-crop-success/

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