GrowthWatch: Grass expansion surpassing direct unfolding welcomed

GrowthWatch: Grass expansion surpassing direct unfolding welcomedGrowthWatch: Grass expansion surpassing direct unfolding welcomed

By Teagasc’s Seán Cummins and James Fitzgerald

Across a Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme farms a rate during that weed is flourishing is 53kg DM/ha/day.

The direct that a cattle have for weed is 42kg DM/ha/day, so expansion is surpassing direct by 11kg DM/ha/day.

This is a acquire unfolding relations to a drought conditions and reduced weed expansion rates that tools of a nation gifted in weeks left by.

Grass expansion surpassing direct gives us a event to consider in terms of maximising a peculiarity of a weed we offer a batch by skipping and baling complicated covers, though being aroused of using out of grass.

Aim to be consistently vouchsafing batch into covers of 1,400kg DM/ha (9-10cm) and relocating them on again after two-to-three days when they have grazed a weed down to 4cm in height.

To do this, we will need a smallest of 8 opposite extending groups per organisation of stock on your farm. The easiest approach to grasp this is to initial safeguard that we have a low series of opposite extending groups on your plantation before determining to subdivide fields.

Over a dry spell left by, many farms reason off on their skeleton to reseed as they felt that a continue and dirt conditions were too dry. The lapse of some-more enlightened reseeding conditions should now be capitalised on.

Aim to finish your reseeding skeleton within a subsequent 3 weeks as a longer day length and aloft dirt temperatures of late Jul / early Aug are enlightened over a colder and darker conditions we will have after in a autumn.

The second-cut silage was harvested roughly 3 weeks ago and – during a impulse – we am putting in some H2O troughs in a silage belligerent so that we can get a best use out of a aftergrass that is entrance behind fast.

There is already a cover of circa 1,000kg DM/ha on these fields so a calves will be relocating into a initial paddocks of it once a H2O is set up.

The calves will continue to accept dish while on this aftergrass to safeguard that their stomachs don’t turn dissapoint by a miss of twine in their diet.

The stocking rate of a extending area is descending as a silage belligerent comes behind in for extending and so we am slicing and baling, and extending belligerent that goes too heavy.

Another 28 bales were picked adult from 3ha in this approach final week that is tidying adult a extending belligerent and banking some good winter feed all during once.

With a vigour being expelled off a extending belligerent we have skeleton to reseed 3ha after a subsequent extending during a finish of this month once conditions are favourable.

A expansion rate of 84kg DM/ha has been available over a final 7 days and direct is using during 61kg DM/ha.

The sleet on Monday and Tuesday of final week did start to make things formidable in some tools of a farm, though hopefully with a continue that’s given this will urge again.

Although a normal plantation cover is a small high, a swards in front of a cattle are quality, with unequivocally small stem.

We baled a second-cut silage over a weekend and it yielded 10 bales/ac. This belligerent is low for lime, so I’m anticipating to get 2t/ac of orange widespread over a entrance weeks while belligerent conditions reason adult well.

I’m swelling 30un/ac of stable urea after extending and this is assisting to keep weed growing. The calves are unequivocally starting to engine by weed and once we pierce a clever garland to a after weed from a second cut, they’ll substantially come off meal.

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