Is pre-mowing paddocks inestimable or is it a rubbish of time?

Is pre-mowing paddocks inestimable or is it a rubbish of time?Is pre-mowing paddocks inestimable or is it a rubbish of time?

At this theatre of a season, gripping good-quality weed in front of cows can be an emanate – as weed enters a reproductive phase.

The reduction of sleet and feverishness over a final few weeks has seen weed expansion rates surpass direct on many farms and this has led to problems for farmers, in terms of progressing peculiarity grass.

Farmers, over a past few weeks, have reported that cows aren’t cleaning out paddocks as most as they would like them too and this has non-stop adult a discuss on how to understanding with these bad cleanouts effectively.

Some would ask a question: Should these paddocks have been taken out as over-abundance bales instead of being grazed?

However, commanding has a pros and cons, identical to pre-mowing which is not as renouned on farms to understanding with complicated covers of weed that are not suitable to graze and there are a series of reasons for that.

In terms of pre-mowing, even yet it improves a peculiarity of a weed in a successive revolution – by expelling stemmy weed from a paddock – it has many disadvantages.

What does a investigate say?

Research conducted by DairyNZ in New Zealand showed that paddocks that were pre-mown had both reduced pasture firmness and pasture grown when compared to a paddock that was grazed.

Also, a pre-mown paddocks were also compared with reduction silage compared to a grazed treatment. This resulted in a larger requirement for alien feed.

The investigate also showed no animal opening advantage from a pre-mown diagnosis contra a grazed treatment.

Farmers should be targeting pre-grazing covers of between 1,300kg DM/ha and 1,400kg DM/ha

Furthermore, pre-mowing paddocks will usually exasperate a problem. If we continue to pre-mow we will continue to enter paddocks with a aloft than aim pre-grazing cover, that will meant a cows won’t graze out paddocks as most as we would like.

In truth, a best approach of traffic with clever covers is too take them out of a revolution and make bales. This will give we a improved possibility of removing those paddocks behind to a pre-grazing cover of between 1,300kg DM/ha and 1,400kg DM/ha.

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