New video array highlights women heading approach on farms

New video array highlights women heading approach on farmsNew video array highlights women heading approach on farms

A video array launched by Ireland’s National Rural Network (NRN) confirms a new epoch for women in farming, highlighting volatile and innovative females heading a approach on Irish farms.

The video array set out to highlight a pivotal purpose women play in contemporary agriculture. The Irish women in cultivation video array sum a practice of five women concerned in opposite sectors of cultivation and highlights their loyalty and joining to farming.

While tillage was traditionally a male-dominated profession, information from a Central Statistics Office (CSO) shows that of a 265,400 people who worked on farms in 2016, over a entertain were womanlike (71,700). However, reduction than one entertain (16,100) of these females were holders of a farms on that they worked.


The NRN video array showcases a flourishing rope of overworked and assured Irish women heading a approach on Irish farms.

The women featured in a array are: Sinead Conry, a extraction Hereford breeder from Roscommon; Deirdre Divilly, rural scholarship tyro and dairy rancher from Galway, now on chain in New Zealand from University College Dublin (UCD); Margaret Edgill an organic rancher from Offaly; Aoife Forde, a suckler rancher formed in a Burren in Co. Clare; and Daphne Scott, a sheep rancher formed in Co. Cavan who also runs her possess dog grooming, boarding kennels and mobile pet plantation underneath a name Precious Pets.

Speaking forward of a launch of a series, Dr. Maura Farrell from a NRN and NUI Galway said:

“These videos plea normal perceptions of women in Irish farming. The women in these videos are rarely innovative, volatile and dedicated to farming, identical to many other women on farms opposite Ireland.

“Their imagination and joining reinforces my belief, that a good rancher is a rancher irrespective of gender.”

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