Are we planting locate crops underneath GLAS?

Are we planting locate crops underneath GLAS?Are we planting locate crops underneath GLAS?

Planting locate crops in Ferns

Farmers planting locate crops underneath a Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) contingency remember to follow a few manners that are summarized below.

The initial thing to note is that during slightest dual opposite class contingency be planted in a mix. These class contingency also follow certain seed rates.

For example, if oats are going into a brew they contingency be enclosed during a smallest rate of 75-100kg/ha. A list of a smallest seed rates compulsory underneath GLAS are summarized below.

There are copiousness of pre-prepared mixes accessible from seed suppliers. Phacelia and vetch is a common one for those who don’t wish to graze a crop.

Leafy turnip and fodder rape is another instance of a brew and this one can be grazed after Dec 1.

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Sowing date

Catch crops planted for GLAS contingency be sown by Sep 15. However, farmers should sow as early as probable if a event presents itself.

Planting early will yield some-more biomass and improved base structures, adding some-more advantage to a dirt and providing some-more fodder for a winter.

If a dictated stand is to be planted in a margin after winter barley, plant as shortly as probable and don’t leave sowing on a prolonged finger.

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