Potato prices: Area planted to Queens has increased

Potato prices: Area planted to Queens has increasedPotato prices: Area planted to Queens has increased

Demand is augmenting in some markets according to this week’s Potato Market Report from a Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

The bark marketplace has increasing somewhat as some-more restaurants have reopened in a final while.

Preliminary formula were accessible from a IFA’s early planting consult this week and a formula advise that early plantings increasing by approximately 3% on final season.

The area planted to Queens increased, while a area of Premiers remained a same and a area of Home Guards declined.

Early Roosters are approaching to be harvested in mid-August.

The UK

New-crop is in direct in a UK and according to a IFA’s news many of a altogether transformation in a potato trade has been new-crop engaged supply.

New-crop potatoes have also accounted for a vast volume of a transformation in make-up markets this week. It was also reported that purchasers have been relocating towards new-crop.


In Europe, direct has now started to collect up, according to a report, as lockdowns are carried in opposite countries. However, a direct for trade is not as clever as transformation is still limited in countries.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/potato-prices-area-planted-to-queens-has-increased/

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