Winter barley yields down significantly as collect progresses

Winter barley yields down significantly as collect progressesWinter barley yields down significantly as collect progresses

The existence of Harvest 2020 became clearer this week as some-more crops began to be harvested from areas badly influenced by drought this summer.

Winter barley crops in a midlands are not behaving good and crops achieving over 3t/ac are a exception. Most new reports to AgriLand put crops in counties like Laois, Kildare and Carlow during anywhere from 2.25t/ac to 3t/ac or somewhat over it.

Moisture essence were as low as 14% in some crops this week, with a infancy entrance in underneath 18%.

Some growers are anticipating crops tough to thresh as pellet is ripe, though straw stays green.

Quality is good. KPH is adult to 69 on some of a two-row varieties. However, some of a winter malt varieties are bad on KPH and are entrance in in a 50s and low 60s.

The north-east

In a north-east reports are of yields trimming from a low of 2t/ac and a best of a crops, that are in a minority, reached 3.6t/ac on really fruitful fields. However, a run of yields in a area seems to be between 2.5t/ac and 3t/ac.

KPH is good with total in a high 60s.


On a other hand, crops in a south of a nation achieved significantly improved in a kinder weather.

Six-row varieties achieved over 4t/ac in many cases. While reports from two-row varieties are averaging around 3.75t/ac.

Straw yields in a south are behind 20-25% according to reports from farmers and agronomists in a area.

Average produce in 2019

The estimated normal produce of winter barley in 2019 was 9.28t/ha or 3.76t/ac according to Teagasc’s Harvest Report for 2019.

This deteriorate a normal winter barley produce is approaching to be down significantly.

Wet continue has now halted swell of both harvesting and baling.

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