Aontú check on ‘below cost’ sale of beef moves by Dáil

Aontú check on ‘below cost’ sale of beef moves by DáilAontú check on ‘below cost’ sale of beef moves by Dáil

Draft legislation on preventing a next cost sale of beef has done it by a initial theatre in a Dáil now (Tuesday Sep 15).

Aontú personality and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has changed brazen a Equitable Beef Pricing Act 2019 that he says would move an finish to bad rancher prices.

“Many farmers are fighting for their family livelihoods and ability to survive. Of a 130,000 farmers in a state usually one third are creation adequate from a plantation to support their families.

“Another third are flourishing since a rancher is also operative off a plantation to addition a family income. A full third of farmers are simply not earning adequate to live during all. These farmers are being pushed into poverty, debt and off a land.”

Tóibín added: “It is transparent that a beef industry, as it now constituted, is unsustainable. Beef farmers are offered their furnish during next cost prices while a collection of processors and supermarket multiples make strange increase on a same product.

In a stream meridian Irish cultivation is already confronting good doubt and challenges, not slightest since of [the] EU-Mercosur trade understanding that will pave a approach for a importation of inexpensive South American beef into a EU market.

“Aontú’s check that I’m introducing now would anathema a next cost sale of beef, ensuring that farmers make during slightest a breakeven cost for their produce. It would do this for a year.

It would force a beef barons to a list to plead a genuine and satisfactory price. The bill, if enacted would also get absolved of a fallacious ‘30 month rule’ whereby farmers are paid a reduce rate for a savage that is comparison than 30 months of age,” he concluded.

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