Potato prices: EU potato area aloft in 2020

Potato prices: EU potato area aloft in 2020Potato prices: EU potato area aloft in 2020

Potato prices sojourn unvaried this week and there is some-more movement in a fields as dry continue has helped to urge harvesting conditions according to this week’s Potato Market Update from a Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

This week’s good continue is permitting for faster swell and it is approaching that a final crops of Queens will be lifted.

However, many farmers are still anticipating harvesting conditions formidable in some areas and are behind news as a outcome according to a IFA.

Demand stays clever in a sell trade and there is doubt around a food use zone according to a report.

This week’s normal potato prices reported to a IFA are summarized below. they sojourn unvaried from last week.

In a UK, direct is reported to be “subdued” this week as stricter close down measures might be imposed in a country. Purchasers are watchful for some-more information before fixation orders.

The initial EU-27 prolongation guess puts a stand during 54.8 million tonnes. This is approximately 3.7 million tonnes aloft that 2019. A sum of 1.655 million hectares are estimated to have been planted – 26,000ha some-more than final year.

The news also settled that sum potato plantings in a EU-27 are approximately 102,000ha aloft than they were 5 years ago.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/potato-prices-eu-potato-area-higher-in-2020/

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