Cork to Oz during a pandemic: ‘Harvest 2020 improved be value it’

Cork to Oz during a pandemic: ‘Harvest 2020 improved be value it’Cork to Oz during a pandemic: ‘Harvest 2020 improved be value it’


Would we cruise wearing a face facade for scarcely 30 hours, afterwards removing a military chaperon to a hotel in Perth, and staying in a room though entrance to uninformed atmosphere – all to work on a 2020 collect in Western Australia?

Two west Cork group did – and according to one of them, “harvest 2020 improved be value it”.

From his hotel room in Perth a few days into his quarantine, Andrew Shorten, an rural technician who will be operative on a plantation in Oz, told AgriLand a sum of his tour to Australia during a center of a tellurian pandemic.

In a initial of this three-part array that we can review below, Shorten minute a routine of how he, along with Adam Power, practical for transport exemptions to go to Australia to work on a collect during Arkle Farms for a subsequent 4 months.

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The group were successful in removing a required exemptions, and requisitioned flights with jobs available them…all that was left for Shorten and Power to do was to embark on their tour ‘down under’- that AgriLand has now documented in this second partial of a series.

From west Cork to Perth

Last Friday (September 11), Shorten finished adult his job, in that he had been operative as a tractor technical dilettante with CLAAS UK. Having been operative from home in west Cork given a pestilence began, he was in Dublin Airport for 6:00am on Saturday for a initial leg of a tour to Western Australia.

The initial moody took him and Power to London Heathrow – that was “all over a place”, according to Shorten.

“The whole thing was really strict, though really good organised. When flying, a center chair was giveaway and people sat on a window and aisle seats.

“It was insane how bustling London Heathrow was compared to Dublin or Doha – Heathrow was all over a place, a busiest of a airports we stopped at.”

They flew from Heathrow to Doha, in Qatar, afterwards from there to Perth.

Once they landed in Australia, they were sat down with a military officer to go by what would occur for a subsequent 14 days – their quarantine period.

Police escorts and hotel life

There are few occasions in life in that someone gets a military chaperon and for Shorten and Power, this was one of them.

“We were afterwards picked adult by a train from a airfield that military escorted to a hotel – we consider there were about 3 or 4 military cars in front of a train – it was like holding us to prison!” Shorten laughs.

“Adam is on a 18th building of a hotel and we am on a 22nd – we were distant on arrival.”

“We got off a bus, taken true to hotel rooms, and we can’t leave them whatsoever for 14 days. There isn’t a window to open, only atmosphere conditioning, so no uninformed atmosphere either,” Shorten continued.

“There are 3 dishes a day – that are brought in a paper bag and left during a doorway of a room. The hotel staff give 3 knocks and we have to wait 10 seconds before going to a doorway to pick it up. We can sequence one takeaway or Uber Eats a day as well.

“The helper phones utterly mostly wanting to know how I’m feeling and if we have any symptoms. We got a Covid exam taken on day dual of quarantine and we have to take another one on day 12 before we leave – we get to leave apparently if a tests are negative.

Staying in a hotel is tough though certain during slightest it’s a 5-star hotel. There is a derrick operative on a new building outward a window, that’s about as sparkling as it gets.

Luckily for a lads, copiousness of fad lies forward when they make a eight-hour tour to Esperance to Arkle Farms after their quarantine. How will Shorten and Power minister to tolerable tillage in their new jobs? Stay tuned to AgriLand for a final in a three-part series about a value of rural skills in Australia.

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