How will UK consumers of Irish agri-food be impacted by ‘no-deal’?

How will UK consumers of Irish agri-food be impacted by ‘no-deal’?How will UK consumers of Irish agri-food be impacted by ‘no-deal’?

When it comes to Brexit and a probability of a ‘no-deal’ conditions come a finish of this year, many of a speak on this side of a Irish sea – utterly righteously – is on how Irish agri-food exports to a UK will be impacted.

However, it competence be value deliberation as good how agri-food consumers in a UK will be effected by a detriment of high-quality Irish produce.

Speaking to AgriLand this week, Eoin Lowery, Head of Agri during Bank of Ireland, pronounced that a UK “will have to confirm for themselves” if it wants food of a same reserve and peculiarity as what it gets from Ireland.

The UK is not self-sufficient in a food. It depends on other countries to feed it.

“At a moment, we supply a poignant apportionment of food into a UK market, quite dairy and beef,” Lowry explained.

“Take beef for example. The UK is usually 65% self-sufficient in beef. If we don’t supply that, it will have to take it from other countries,” he added.

Lowry summarized that, according to a UK’s tariff schedule, published progressing this year, a tariff of £2.53/kg (about €2.80/kg), and a serve tariff of 12% on a product value, will request on beef in a no-deal situation.

That would severely outcome a ability of Irish beef – that is contingent on a UK marketplace – to be exported into that market.

If there is a drop-off of Irish beef exports into a UK, than it will have to fill that opening from somewhere else.

“One of a biggest hurdles in a destiny for a UK consumers will be a cost of that food on a supermarket shelves,” Lowry highlighted.

“Will it be cheaper? And if it is cheaper, during what customary of peculiarity will it be at, since during a impulse they’re removing a really high-standard product.

If this product comes in from third countries, are a food reserve and peculiarity standards of homogeneous levels? That’s a biggest doubt that a UK has to confirm for themselves.

Similar questions would need to be asked when it comes to cheddar cheese.

“Ireland accounts for about 82% of cheddar alien into a UK, so looking during this from a UK indicate of view, we could see food acceleration in a UK since a products can’t be got from other countries,” Lowry explained.

“That would be a vital regard of this agreement in a UK, and some bodies have come out with statements to a outcome that it could see food prices arise by 20% there,” he noted.

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