‘Factory-finished lambs were behind €5-6/head’ – Jimmy Cooney

‘Factory-finished lambs were behind €5-6/head’ – Jimmy Cooney‘Factory-finished lambs were behind €5-6/head’ – Jimmy Cooney

Loughrea Mart hold a weekly sheep sale on Thursday (September 17), that saw a sale of lambs, hoggets and expel ewes.

On a day, “roughly 700 sheep” were presented for sale, with a trade that bit easier for finished lambs, according to a outlet manager, Jimmy Cooney.

To get a an thought what a trade was like on a day, AgriLand held adult with Jimmy.

He explained: The trade for heavy, finished lambs was behind €5-6/head on Thursday. Factory prices have started to dump off and that apparently had an outcome on a trade. However, a store and ewe lamb trade stays strong.

The tip cost for complicated lambs on Thursday was €112/head for lambs weighing 51.7kg. 

In general, grocer and factory-type lambs done from €95/head adult to €110/head. 

Ewe lambs were a sharp-witted trade on a day. Ewe lambs done adult to €120/head, with 40kg+ lambs offered upwards of €100/head, while ewe lambs underneath 40kg regularly sold for €90-100/head.

Store lambs were a good trade on a day and done adult a infancy of a sale. Lambs weighing 35kg or a bit reduction frequently done adult to nearby €85/head. Even some forward-type stores done upwards of €95/head. 

Cast ewes sojourn a good trade, generally those heavy-type ewes. The tops of a complicated ewes was €132/head. The ubiquitous run of those forms was €90-105/head, with a integrate of well-developed lots creation €120-125/head. 

Hogget numbers are solemnly descending back; however, a trade stays good for these forms and has been over a past few weeks. 

Generally, hoggets sole from €165-170/head, with some well-developed lots creation adult to €195/head. 

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/factory-finished-lambs-were-back-e5-6-head-jimmy-cooney/

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