Farmers’ views: ‘If we had to transport to get absolved of a nap we wouldn’t get a cost of a diesel back’

Farmers’ views: ‘If we had to transport to get absolved of a nap we wouldn’t get a cost of a diesel back’Farmers’ views: ‘If we had to transport to get absolved of a nap we wouldn’t get a cost of a diesel back’

2020 has been a churned year for sheep farmers. Lamb prices have been clever for a many partial via a year, with a difference of a peculiar dump off in cost here and there.

However, in terms of a nap market, nonetheless again, farmers have had to understanding with another tough year, with some nap merchants observant that nap from mountain-type ewes is worthless.

Last year, quotes for lowland-type nap were in around 50c/kg, with some farmers removing adult to as most as 70c/kg.

Earlier this summer, AgriLand spoke to a integrate of nap merchants to get a feel for what nap competence be value this year.

Most merchants were quoting between 10c/kg and 20c/kg for lowland wool, with hill-type nap as good as worthless.

To find out what farmers indeed got for their nap shave this year, AgriLand held adult with a integrate of sheep farmers from several tools of a nation to find out.

First adult was Denis Halpin, a sheep rancher in Co. Wicklow, who this year seaside 350 ewes and dry hoggets.

Denis Halpin

He said: To be honest with you, a nap is still in a strew since we never worried to try and sell it. we listened people around me were being offering 20c/kg. We have been bustling over a final while so we haven’t indeed attempted to sell it though from what I’m conference it’s not value selling. 

In observant that, we will have to neat it adult before a winter and demeanour during relocating it off a plantation since it will be in a approach when it comes to housing a ewes for a winter. 

Usually we would try and get absolved of it in Jul or August, though with a coronavirus we didn’t wish to stir as we am over 60 years-of-age, so we usually left it there for a time being. 

I have about 1.1-1.2t of nap sitting there though practically I’m usually articulate about removing €250 for it and it cost €2.30/head to seaside any ewe, that left me with a check of over €800.

So, with prices on a building it wasn’t unequivocally value my while rushing to get absolved of it.

Last year, we was removing 70c/kg and a year before that we was removing over 80c/kg, so to see it being value as small as 20c/kg and even reduction is disappointing.

Next adult was Sean McNamara, who farms in Co. Offaly. Sean is also a sheep chairperson of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).

Sean McNamara

He noted: The cost of nap has been on a decrease for a prolonged time now though this year has been unequivocally disappointing. 

I was quoted 10c/kg for nap this year. I’d have adult on 1,000 ewes, so we can imagine the distance of a check we got to get that series shorn. The cost we get for nap today doesn’t come tighten to usually even profitable a contractor, never mind carrying a bit out of it for yourself.

We [ICSA] are looking during choice uses for nap since farmers can’t continue profitable contend €2.00 to shear a ewe and usually get 10-20c/kg for a wool. It is not sustainable. 

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I know of farmers who have had to compensate adult on €2.50-3.00/head to get ewes shorn. When we have large numbers a check can be utterly substantial. 

I know of many farmers who have usually left a nap in a strew and it will stay there in many cases for a foreseeable future.

Third on a list was Kenny O’Donnell, who runs a extraction and blurb group of ewes in Belmullet, Co. Mayo.

Kenny O’Donnell

His thoughts were: This year’s nap shave is indeed still in a shed. It wasn’t value giving away. we was offering 14c/kg for a crossbred wool. we was afterwards offering that they [wool merchant] would take a nap from a towering ewes off me for nothing; we wouldn’t get paid for it basically.

In my perspective it can’t get any worse [wool market]. I’ll reason onto a nap until subsequent year and see will it be value any bit more. Even final year we was removing 45c/kg, that was usually covering about half of a shearing costs. 

The approach it is now this year, it is a sum loss. This year it was operative out during €2.00/head to seaside a ewes. Unfortunately we are losing out each year. But it has to be finished [shearing] for a gratification of a animals. 

If we had to transport to get absolved of a nap we wouldn’t get a cost of a diesel back for it, that is a really unhappy case.  

There are bags and bags of nap out this partial of a nation off mountain-type sheep that is fundamentally absolutely worthless in today’s market. 

A lot of a farmers out this approach are usually unresolved it adult in a strew and watchful to see will things urge subsequent year.

Finally, final on a list was Fergal McDermott, a beef and sheep rancher from Drumgorry, Co. Cavan.

Fergal McDermott

His views were: The nap marketplace is in a unsatisfactory place and has been for a final few years. we remember about 4 years ago, a cost we was removing for nap was scarcely covering a cost of what is was to seaside a ewes. 

However, now it doesn’t come tighten to it. we consider my check this year was usually over €900. It was operative out during €2.00/head and we was usually being offering 8c/kg for a wool. 

I can’t remember a accurate figure off a tip of my conduct though we consider we finished adult removing usually over €90 for this year’s nap clip. 

The usually splendid side this year is a fact that lamb prices have been strong. It arrange of helped to make adult for a bad prices that we were removing for wool.

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