New UTV array to try Lough Foyle countryside

New UTV array to try Lough Foyle countrysideNew UTV array to try Lough Foyle countryside

Lionel Knobbs of a Loughs Agency introduces Joe Mahon to one of his success stories on a Altnarigh Burn

A code new array featuring a history, healthy sourroundings and informative birthright of a Foyle catchment area, is set to atmosphere subsequent week on UTV.

Presenter Joe Mahon has spent several months exploring a singular flowing sourroundings of Lough Foyle, and this 10-part array will take a spectator on a tour along one of a biggest stream systems on a island of Ireland.

The Foyle takes in easterly Donegal, many of west Tyrone and a north-west. It includes 16 vital run rivers that empty a landscape of unusual topographical accumulation – towering ranges, wasteland lakes and streams, low valleys, forested glens, abounding rural plains and a far-reaching estuarine domain that opens into a North Atlantic and straddles a limit between Northern Ireland and a Republic.

It also encompasses a vast array of towns, villages and, of course, a vital city, all of that get most of their character, and some indeed that owe their really existence, to their vicinity to a Foyle and a tributaries.

Joe Mahon commented: “It would be roughly unfit to broach a extensive travelogue on everywhere connected to a Foyle, though a group and we rose to a challenge.

While we had to be selective, we can guarantee a spectator an enlightening, enchanting and visually impediment experience, with assistance from a far-reaching operation of internal dwellers, story-tellers, scholars and experts that we have met along a way.

Mahon will also spend time with supervision bodies, agencies and gift groups whose categorical aim is to safeguard a lough and surrounding areas, and a many healthy inhabitants are all looked after.

One of a good attractions of this array will be a overwhelming aerial photography that shows off a thespian panorama and seascapes of a north-west as they have never been seen before.

The array kicks off with Joe spending time with Loughs Agency workers as they control an electro-fishing consult of returning sea-trout on a Altinaghree Burn in a hills above a Co. Tyrone encampment of Dunnamanagh. Later, in a ancient cemetery during Ardstraw on a banks of a River Derg, historian William Roulston uses a headstones to snippet a change of Scottish settlers in a Foyle catchment over a centuries.

The array has been part-funded by Northern Ireland Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund.

Northern Ireland Screen arch executive Richard Williams said: “Not usually is Joe’s comfortable conversational character of presenting already impossibly renouned with viewers, though via his career, he has been a good champion of linguistic variation.

Joe has always sought to simulate and safety a healthy voice of a people who underline in his programmes, compelling a sold characteristics of internal populations that make any place unique.

“This fits ideally with a aims of a Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund and we are certain Lough Foyle will be a large strike with audiences while also creation a clever grant to a standing and graduation of Ulster-Scots birthright and culture.”

UTV’s programmes editor Tony Curry added: “We are really vehement about this new series. Joe’s programmes sojourn a organisation favourite among UTV viewers who demeanour brazen to his easy, loose style, as he explores Northern Ireland’s abounding birthright and a people and places along a way, and Lough Foyle will no doubt entertain, teach and pleasure in equal measure.”

The initial part will atmosphere on Monday, Sep 21, during 8:00pm on UTV.

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