McConalogue meets with CAP Stakeholder Consultative Committee

McConalogue meets with CAP Stakeholder Consultative CommitteeMcConalogue meets with CAP Stakeholder Consultative Committee

Minister for Agriculture, Food and a Marine Charlie McConalogue met a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Post-2020 Stakeholder Consultative Committee for a initial time currently (Thursday, Sep 24).

At a meeting, a apportion supposing an refurbish on new developments in a ongoing remodel negotiations.

The assembly concerned stakeholders from opposite a agri-food sector, as good as environmental groups, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academics and other supervision departments. The cabinet comprises 27 opposite stakeholder groups.

Speaking following a meeting, Minister McConalogue stated: “I unequivocally conclude a time and bid that all stakeholders are putting into a work of a consultative committee.

The cabinet has a pivotal purpose to play in ensuring effective stakeholder impasse in a CAP remodel process.

During a meeting, a apportion updated a cabinet on a German Presidency’s design of similar a legislature ubiquitous proceed on CAP remodel in October.

He suggested that there are still a series of pivotal elements to be agreed, and complete rendezvous is approaching during EU turn over a entrance weeks.

On Monday, a apportion attended his initial AgriFish Council of Ministers in Brussels, where discussions focussed on a CAP remodel package.

During those discussions a apportion called for a clever immature aspiration to be confirmed in a negotiations, stating:

The new CAP contingency safeguard improved environmental and meridian outcomes, built on a common baseline, while also permitting required coherence for member states.

During his revisit to Brussels, Minister McConalogue met with Commissioner appropriate Mairead McGuinness and a series of Irish MEPs to plead issues relating to CAP reform.

The apportion also hold an critical shared assembly with Commissioner Wojciechowski to plead latest developments in a CAP remodel routine and in propinquity to a transitory regulations.

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