‘Legal limbo’ over harvesting of peat moss for horticulture – Cahill

‘Legal limbo’ over harvesting of peat moss for horticulture – Cahill‘Legal limbo’ over harvesting of peat moss for horticulture – Cahill

Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill has pronounced stakeholders have been left in ‘legal limbo’ in propinquity to a harvesting of peat moss for a horticulture industry.

6,600 people are directly employed by a horticulture harvesting of peat moss attention with a serve 11,000 employed indirectly.

Deputy Cahill told a Dáil that many of a jobs are formed in a midlands that has been strike by attention closures and augmenting unemployment.

He said: “In 2018, a Irish horticulture attention had farmgate value of €437 million; it had exports of €239 million; a practice value was only bashful of €500 million during €497 million.

“Sectors upheld by this embody fungus growing, vegetables, fruits, hothouse batch and tree saplings.

Its cost bottom will be severely impacted by a due changes and would put all these businesses underneath poignant pressure.

“The work this attention does has really small environmental impact in a grand intrigue of things. Only 0.4% of sum Irish peatlands are used for horticulture peat harvesting,” Cahill added.

Current legislation prohibits all peatland owners including Bord na Móna from carrying out any work on bogs until formulation accede is postulated and a current looseness is secured.

The Tipperary emissary said: “As a outcome of this, GMI [Growing Media Ireland] and a attention are now in finish authorised dilapidation as to either they can collect peat moss for a attention and disaster to do so will outcome in this attention collapsing in a really nearby future.”

Cahill told a apportion that if a emanate is not addressed, Ireland will run out of a peat moss supply by Jul 2021 and called for a “common sense’” approach.

It’s diverting in a impassioned to contend that we would import peat into Ireland.

In response Minister of State for land use and biodiversity Pippa Hackett pronounced her co-worker Minister of State during a Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government Malcolm Noonan would set adult an eccentric operative organization to consider a impacts on a sector.

Minister Hackett said: “The bottom line is a zone is going to have to transition divided from peat. We will not have an unconstrained supply of peat even if we wanted to continue with extraction.

“My possess dialect are actively looking during alternatives to peat and while there are, not yet, any suitable or viable alternatives for fungus casing, my dialect is now appropriation dual investigate projects that have been consecrated by Ireland’s fungus writer organisation, CMP.

“I do demeanour brazen to a healthy and colourful horticulture zone going forward,” a apportion concluded.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/legal-limbo-over-harvesting-of-peat-moss-for-horticulture-cahill/

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