Think delicately about your seed source

Think delicately about your seed sourceThink delicately about your seed source

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Tillage farmers are creation a many of the drier weather during benefaction and some are holding a event to plant some-more winter cereals than creatively intended. As a result, they are looking for some-more seed.

When augmenting a winter cereal area, growers should consider delicately about what seed we acquire and where probable use Irish seed approved by a Department of Agriculture to equivocate importing from other countries where imports could enclose neglected seeds or means illness issues into a future.

Grass weed problems can severely impact on stand yields and plantation profits. There is now no herbicide that will give full control of black-grass in a cereal crop.

Where farmers have black-grass on their farms they mostly finish adult spraying a non-selective herbicide on that patch of a stand or a whole stand before it is mature to control a weed.

Machinery hygiene, rotation, seared seedbeds and ploughing are all methods that can revoke a occurrence of weed weeds on your farm.

Ensuring a weed-free seed source is another pivotal method.

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