Mart Manager’s view: Uplift in cow trade during Ballyjamesduff Mart

Mart Manager’s view: Uplift in cow trade during Ballyjamesduff MartMart Manager’s view: Uplift in cow trade during Ballyjamesduff Mart

On Wednesday (November 18), Ballyjamesduff Mart hosted a weekly sale of dry cows followed by a sale of weanling bulls and heifers.

AgriLand spoke with a mart’s manager, John Tevlin, this week to get a perspective on a trade of cattle that sole by a Cavan-based outlet this week.

Commenting on a trade, John highlighted an boost of northern customer activity opposite all age categories of animals that upheld by a mart. He stated:

Northern buyers seemed to be concerned for all classes of batch this week, both during a sale on Tuesday and a sale on Wednesday. we am not certain what accurately is pushing a demand, though it seems to be there anyway and it’s good to see.

“A lot of a northern buyers are not even pre-viewing a cattle, they are only shopping a batch online and entrance to collect them up.”

The outlet available a somewhat smaller series of weanlings this week with only over 200 lots entered. John explained:

“It’s tough to know if some farmers are holding behind their batch in a hopes of marts reopening once a lockdown has been lifted, so we will only have to wait and see.”

The weanling bulls traded this week during a cost trimming from €1.90/kg right adult to €3.00/kg for a some-more peculiarity continental-type animal. While a heifer weanlings sole from €2.00/kg to €3.19/kg.

Cow Trade

John remarkable that cows that sole by a outlet this week perceived a good lift in trade, as he explained:

“The cow trade was good softened from what it was dual weeks ago when a factories began to lift a prices. Again this was especially driven by buyers from a north.

“Some prices that were paid didn’t seem too in-line with a bureau prices; altogether a trade has positively got a lift.”

Cull cows sole on a day from €1.39/kg to €2.08/kg for continental breeds, while a dairy-bred cows gifted some cost tumble behind as distant as €1.00/kg.

The outlet is hosting a special clearway sale of 20 sucklers this Wednesday (November 25). These cows are offered with clever Speckled Park calves during feet and are all behind in-calf to a Speckled Park bull. For serve enquiries, greatfully hit Ballyjamesduff Mart.

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