‘I’ve found SDCT really effective though we need to be divert recording regularly’

‘I’ve found SDCT really effective though we need to be divert recording regularly’‘I’ve found SDCT really effective though we need to be divert recording regularly’

“I’ve found resourceful dry cow therapy (SDCT) to be really effective though we need to be divert recording regularly.” That’s a perspective of dairy rancher Tom Power, from Co. Waterford.

AgriLand visited Tom final week to see him divert his flock of 285 cows by his code new 50-bail rotary parlour.

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Having found SDCT to be successful in new times, Tom has opted not to go lift out SDCT this year. He has already dusty off 85 cows – a infancy of that were first-time calvers.

He puts this down to a highlight and a change of milking sourroundings that came with milking his flock of cows by a new rotary salon this year.

Tom said: “Our normal SCC increasing this year; nonetheless not by a large volume that it would means me too many concern.

“At a moment, a herd’s normal SCC is utterly good during 85,000 cells/ml though we would like it to be better.

I would have carried out SDCT final year and it worked really good when we were milking in a aged parlour. It’s something that all dairy farmers are going to have to adjust to and get used to.

“We won’t know until the blanket anathema on antibiotic use entrance into outcome from 2022. If we hadn’t changed into a new salon this year, we would really have carried out SDCT.

Tom Power milking his cows final week by his 50-bail rotary parlour

“It works to good outcome as prolonged as we are divert recording frequently and ensuring cows are kept purify over a dry period.

“On divert recording, we would have been doing during slightest 4 divert recordings a year though we feel that isn’t enough. I’ll substantially finish adult doing double that subsequent year.

“The some-more information we can accumulate a better. It will assistance we to make improved and some-more accurate decisions on what cows can be dusty off though carrying to use antibiotics.

The many critical divert recording we trust is a one only before dry off and it’s really critical that it’s finished as tighten to dry off as possible.

“I consider carrying out a divert recording a month before dry off is too prolonged a gap. I’d be looking to get one finished many closer to a time that we am drying off a cows.

“SDCT is a destiny and, from my experience, it works to good outcome though it does engage a bit of work.”

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/ive-found-sdct-very-effective-but-you-need-to-be-milk-recording-regularly/

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