What we can’t see, can harm you

What we can’t see, can harm youWhat we can’t see, can harm you

Natural gas pipelines yield essential appetite to hospitals, schools, homes and businesses 24 hours a day, each day of a year by a network of hidden, subterraneous pipelines located in cities, towns and even fields, opposite a country.

Natural gas is rarely incendiary so deleterious a gas tube can means vital disruption, skill damage, critical repairs and even death.

In 2019, there were approximately 650 incidents of tangible repairs caused to placement gas pipes in towns and cities and scarcely 50 incidents of unapproved mine during high vigour cross-country delivery pipelines.

Over 700,000 homes and businesses around Ireland use healthy gas and advantage from a cost savings, preference and trustworthiness of a cleanest hoary fuel.

There are over 11,000km of placement pipelines that work during pressures adult to 4 bar and are routinely done from yellow polyethylene. These come in dual forms: mains; and use pipes.

Mains pipes lift gas underneath a roads and footpaths of towns and cities around a country. Services are connected to a mains pipes and supply gas to particular domestic and blurb premises.

Ensure your safety

The GNI network is one of a safest gas networks in a world. A vital risk to a network and to a reserve of construction workers and a ubiquitous open is a risk of repairs caused by mine works nearby gas pipelines.

When formulation mine works, we should always hit GNI in copiousness of time before work starts and obtain maps of a gas network (see below).

If there is a high vigour delivery tube nearby where we devise to work, we contingency hit GNI so that a pipelines can advise on reserve requirements.

Depending on what we devise to do, GNI will arrange for a plcae of a tube to be noted out and might also need that an examiner oversees a work. This use is giveaway and is designed to safeguard your reserve and that of those around you.

Further resources

Gas Networks Ireland has prepared a elementary guide, ‘Safety Advice for Working in a Vicinity of Natural Gas Pipes’, that contains information on a risks compared with excavating nearby healthy gas pipelines, a scold stairs to take to stay protected and other useful information whenever we are excavating nearby gas pipelines.

It is available at: www.gasnetworks.ie/Dial.

Specific recommendation for farmers and landowners is contained in a brief “Safety Steps for Landowners” leaflet, also accessible at: www.gasnetworks.ie/Dial.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/what-you-cant-see-can-hurt-you/

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