‘Store lambs were stronger by €2-3/head on final week’ – Kevin Murphy

‘Store lambs were stronger by €2-3/head on final week’ – Kevin Murphy‘Store lambs were stronger by €2-3/head on final week’ – Kevin Murphy

On Wednesday final (November 25), Enniscorthy Mart hold a weekly sale of sheep. Similar to other marts, a trade was good opposite a board, with finished and store lambs in clever demand.

To find out what a trade was like on a day, AgriLand spoke to a partner outlet manager of Enniscorthy, Kevin Murphy.

He explained: We had a large sheep sale for a time of a year. The trade for all forms of lambs continues to improve. I’d contend prices were adult by €2/head on final week.

There is clever foe between bureau agents in an try to secure a plain supply of finished lambs.

Stores are also in clever direct that is being driven ceaselessly due to rising finished lamb prices.

Looking during a prices on a day, grocer lambs sole from €118/head for 18 lambs weighing 50kg adult to a tip cost of €128/head for 28 lambs weighing 55kg. 

Factory lamb prices are rising any week and, on Wednesday, prices for these lots ranged from €109/head for 8 lambs weighing 44kg adult to €121/head for 19 lambs weighing 49kg.

The store trade continues to arise any week. I’d contend prices for stores were adult by during slightest €2-3/head on final week due to a large rancher direct and an expectation of stronger sheep prices in spring.

Light stores sole from €84/head for 12 lambs weighing 29kg up to €100/head for 19 lambs weighing 34kg.

Forward stores, like their lighter counterparts, were adult €2-3/head and sole from €96/head for 12 lambs weighing 40kg adult to €108/head for 23 lambs weighing 40kg.

Lastly, in terms of a winnow ewe trade, complicated winnow ewes sojourn scarce. Prices for well-fleshed ewes surfaced out during €117/head on Wednesday. 

Store ewes sojourn a plain trade, with those forward-feeding ewes creation adult to €92-95/head.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/store-lambs-were-stronger-by-e2-3-head-on-last-week-kevin-murphy/

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