ICBF publishes updated active longhorn lists

ICBF publishes updated active longhorn listsICBF publishes updated active longhorn lists

The tact deteriorate for autumn calving herds is good underway on suckler farms. For farmers regulating synthetic insemination (AI) sires as partial of their tact module – and regulating genetic evaluations to assist their founder preference – they might wish to take a demeanour during a updated ‘active bull’ list published this week by a Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF).

As partial of a Nov genetic analysis run that was published on Tuesday (November 24), a list was updated with any applicable changes in rankings being made.

It provides a ranking of now accessible AI sires on both a Terminal and Replacement Indices formed on a many new genetic evaluations.

For beef sires, a criteria includes any longhorn carrying a 50% trustworthiness or larger on both his Terminal or Replacement Index, depending on a list. They also contingency have a 50% or larger trustworthiness on their likely calving problem trait.

Having a current genomic member in his evaluation, along with siring during slightest one calf that has a calving consult recorded, is also required.

Terminal Index

A Belgian Blue founder has taken a tip ranking on a Terminal Index list. Kilconnelly Kodaline, who is accessible by a National Cattle Breeding Centre (NCBC), now has a Terminal figure of €203 with a 58% reliability. He has also been awarded a calving problem of 2.7% on matings with beef cows.

In second position is a Limousin sire, Gstaad, who is ranked during a €193 on a Terminal Index during a trustworthiness of 67%. This Eurogene founder has a calving problem commission of 5.1% on matings with beef cows.

Another Belgian Blue founder has taken a third fixation on a list, as Dovea Genetics sire Gigi Du Bois Remont ranks in during €187 on a Terminal Index with a trustworthiness of 90%. This longhorn also has a calving problem commission of 8.3% on matings with beef cows.

The tip 10 bulls on a list contain of: 4 Belgian Blue bulls; 3 Charolais bulls; dual Limousin bulls; and one Aubrac sire.

Data source: ICBF

Replacement Index

Rankings on a Replacement Index ‘active bulls’ list sees Saler sires holding a tip 4 positions on a list.

Coming in initial place, by carrying an index value of €263 and trait trustworthiness of 86% is a Saler bull, Ulsan. This Dovea Genetics longhorn has been given utterly a low likely calving problem of 0.8% on matings with beef cows during a trustworthiness of 97%.

In second place is Knottown Roy who is also a Saler founder accessible by NCBC. This longhorn boasts a Replacement Index value of €246 during 58% reliability. Alongside this, he has also been awarded a calving problem figure of 1.4% on beef cow matings.

Saler longhorn Beguin came in third position, with a Replacement Index value of €243 and trustworthiness of 79%. A likely calving problem of 1.6% has been given to this NCBC founder on matings with beef cows, with a trustworthiness of 95%.

In a altogether tip 10 ranking, along with a tip 4 Saler sires, a list also consists of: dual Limousin sires; dual Aubrac sires; one Simmental; and one Belgian Blue.

Data source: ICBF

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/icbf-publishes-updated-active-bull-lists/

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