Avian Influenza Prevention Zone to be announced in Northern Ireland from midnight

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone to be announced in Northern Ireland from midnightAvian Influenza Prevention Zone to be announced in Northern Ireland from midnight

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) will come into outcome in Nothern Ireland from midnight tonight (December 1).

The AIPZ places a authorised requirement on all flock-keepers to accommodate difficult biosecurity measures. This relates to pet birds, blurb flocks as good as those with only a few birds in a backyard or hobby flock, Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots confirmed.

And comes as cases of AI have now been rescued in over 100 furious birds opposite Great Britain with 5 cases of a H5N8 aria being reliable in blurb premises in England.

There have also been 3 reported cases in furious birds in a Republic of Ireland, where identical measures are also set to be introduced on Dec 1.

Announcing a introduction of a AIPZ, Minister Poots said: “In new weeks a dialect has rescued highly-pathogenic Avian Influenza in 5 furious birds opposite Northern Ireland.

It is transparent that a pathogen is now benefaction here and we have, therefore, taken a preference to announce an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone from Dec 1 formed on sound consultant recommendation and in conference with industry.

“This is a required precautionary step that requires all bird keepers to take suitable transformation to examination and raise a measures to strengthen their birds from this rarely spreading disease.”

Chief veterinary officer for Northern Ireland Dr. Robert Huey added: “The risk of infection from furious birds will boost in Northern Ireland in a entrance weeks, quite as H5N8 has been reliable in furious birds here.

“This introduction of a AIPZ is required to assistance forestall any hit that furious birds competence differently have with ornithology or other serf birds.

It reduces a risk of decay from a pathogen to food and H2O supposing to ornithology and other serf birds therefore shortening event for a illness to widespread between premises.

“The measures in a AIPZ are a authorised requirement for all birdkeepers and embody stringent, imperative biosecurity measures to assistance forestall a widespread of a illness from furious birds, or another source, to poultry, including:

  • A anathema on bird gatherings;
  • A requirement that ornithology or other serf birds are supposing with food and H2O to that furious birds have no access;
  • Avoiding send of decay between premises by clarification and disinfecting equipment, vehicles and footwear;
  • Separating furious waterfowl (ducks and geese) from domestic species; and
  • Reducing a transformation of people, vehicles or apparatus to and from areas where ornithology or serf birds are kept.

“At this stage, there is no requirement for ornithology to be housed, though this will be kept underneath consistent review.

“I am propelling all group keepers, even if we keep only one bird, to take transformation now to urge biosecurity in sequence to forestall an intrusion of a illness into a ornithology flock. If Avian Influenza were to enter a NI flock, it would have a poignant and harmful impact on a ornithology industry, general trade and a wider economy,” Dr. Huey concluded.

Article source: https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/avian-influenza-prevention-zone-to-be-declared-in-northern-ireland-from-midnight/

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