‘20 minutes, morning and evening, now looks after a calves – we save 21 hours each week’

‘20 minutes, morning and evening, now looks after a calves – we save 21 hours any week’‘20 minutes, morning and evening, now looks after a calves – we save 21 hours any week’

Farming in Boherduff, Co. Galway, Kevin and his daughter Ciara Callanan work a 200 cow Holstein Friesian dairy herd. Speaking on his enterprise, Kevin explains:

“I plantation in partnership with my daughter Ciara on a 330ac farm. We work a multiple of open and autumn-calving, disposition some-more towards spring-calving.

“It’s always been dairy on a farm. We supply Aurivo Co-op with a milk.”

Ciara and her father Kevin Callanan during their dairy plantation in Co. Galway

Kevin is a second and Ciara is a third-generation dairy farmer, with a family carrying milked cows on a plantation for over 60 years. The Callanans have commissioned a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf tributary behind in 2018, that feeds and monitors adult to 140 calves on an particular basis.

Why select an involuntary feeder?

Speaking to Kevin and Ciara, they discuss how their tillage complement has been revolutionised given installing a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf feeder.

The control section is finish with an innovative reason shade display, twin hoppers and blending bowls. Kevin explained:

The categorical reason for selecting a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf tributary was a user friendship of a machine. We also felt that a twin hopper would concede us to feed a bulls and heifers separately.

“Generally, we keep 60 heifer calves and keep a longhorn calves on a plantation for about 3 weeks. We could have adult to 100 calves on a tributary during any one time. It also looked like an easy keep appurtenance from a outside, in terms of gripping it clean,” Kevin added.

In 2018, a Callanans built a purpose built calf shed. As partial of their devise to maximize efficiencies and emanate a streamlined process, they commissioned 42 JFC Agri calf cribs.

Ciara stated: “After building a calf shed, we commissioned 42 JFC Agri calf cribs. We find that they are unequivocally user accessible as they are lighweight, durable and easy to manoeuvre.

A large advantage of them is a fact that we can rinse and purify them away for any calf. The calf crib gives a calf a good start to life for a initial 10 days when we are giving them divert individually.

“The involuntary calf tributary and a calf cribs are only dual ways that make life easier for us here on a plantation and we are all for that.”

The Benefits

Both Ciara and Kevin have seen a series of unequivocally certain advantages given installing a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf feeder.

1. Reduced work requirement

Ciara feels that a tributary is large in terms of a volume of work that it saves. She said:

“For a initial 10 days, we feed a baby calves away and afterwards they are put on a involuntary feeder. Once they are put on a tributary it’s only so easy to demeanour after them.”

2. Saving time

Kevin believes that one of a biggest advantages of a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf tributary is a volume of time that it has saved both himself and Ciara when it comes to looking after a calves.

20 minutes, morning and evening, now looks after a calves. The JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf tributary saves us 3 hours any day – that’s over 20 hours any week between morning and evening.

“We don’t have to hand-mix a divert replacer, purify feeders or make certain any calf is removing a right volume of divert – a calf tributary looks after all of this for us. The involuntary calf tributary has done life most easier for us.”

Kevin went on to add: “Calving is most easier given we know that once they are set adult on a appurtenance they are removing what they need, when they need it.

“They’re not inspired during a day watchful for their feed, they can get their divert when they wish that is a large advantage of a feeder.”

3. Identifying intensity problems on time

Kevin believes that a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf tributary allows them to exercise visual measures on time when it comes to calf health.

“The initial thing a calf will do is revoke a divert intake when it’s not feeling 100%. On a arrangement row of a involuntary calf feeder, we know when a calf isn’t behaving or if there is something wrong when a calf’s intake is constantly reduced.

“You’ll see it on a appurtenance before we see it in a calf. It means that we can take movement on-time and vastly revoke a impact on a calf and intensity impact on a herd,” pronounced Kevin.

4. Stress-free weaning softened calf performance

Both Ciara and Kevin have beheld a large alleviation in terms of a opening of their calves given installing a JFC Evolution S4 involuntary calf feeder. Ciara explained: “At weaning time, there’s a conspicuous disproportion in a peculiarity of a calves. They are most some-more even in terms of size.

“Weaning is seamless; The tributary reduces a calves’ divert intake gradually and once they are totally weaned they don’t go behind to a tributary to demeanour for milk. It isn’t a large startle to a complement as they are gradually weaned off a milk.”

5. Ease of Use

Speaking on a ubiquitous day-to-day operation of a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf feeder, Kevin feels that it is unequivocally elementary to use.

“We demeanour during a shade initial thing in a morning, to see how a calves are doing. We can see how mostly they’ve drank, when they have drank and if they haven’t drank during all.

“We only have to keep a hopper surfaced up. It can reason about 3 bags of divert replacer that is unequivocally handy,” pronounced Kevin.

Before Vs. After Comparison

The palliate of monitoring a calves has been attributed to a success of machine, according to Ciara. She states:

“We would have bucket fed a calves before removing in a involuntary feeder. One of a biggest advantages of a involuntary tributary over bucket feeding is that you’ve a improved reared calf.

“You’re not over feeding or underneath feeding a calf given we know accurately what they’ve consumed. On a tributary we can also see a speed that a calf drinks a milk.

“It unequivocally advantages a delayed celebration calf given they are still means to get all their divert allocation,” Ciara added.

JFC Agri Evolution App

JFC Agri also offers a downloadable app for your phone that allows a user to remotely guard a Evolution involuntary calf tributary range.

Each calf’s feed opening is consistently monitored on a reason shade arrangement and this information is also accessible anytime, anywhere around a JFC AGRI Evolution Online App or web portal.

Ciara and Kevin are formulation to start regulating a app once a salon is finish as they feel it would advantage their system. The Callanans will have entrance to all a information on a arrangement shade of their tributary on their phones.

Customer Support

Ciara and Kevin are unequivocally happy with a help, superintendence and support that they have and continue to accept from a group during JFC Agri, as Kevin explains:

The JFC Agri group offers good discernment yield a good service. They have given us some unequivocally good recommendation and help, generally when we was formulation a blueprint of a calf strew in terms of what would work best.

“It done a large disproportion being means to see dual to 3 entirely grown designs that would fit a system.

“JFC Agri also designed a trolley for us that we could slip in underneath a calf cribs so that we could move a calf crib to a calving pen, collect a calf and move it behind to a calf shed.

They are always entrance adult with new ideas. The fill-in use is glorious and we don’t contend that lightly.

The Callanans trust that both a JFC Agri Evolution S4 involuntary calf tributary and JFC Agri calf cribs are an affordable investment.

“We have been unequivocally happy with a investment. They know tillage and what farmers need and continue to emanate products that are innovative and offer genuine solutions to genuine problems that we as farmers are challenged with.”

Future Plans

The Callanans have enlargement on their minds. At a moment, they are building a new, state-of-the-art, 24-unit BouMatic milking salon with all a extras, upgrading it from a 12-unit parlour.

Kevin stated: “We now have a comforts and a ability to gaunt even some-more towards spring-calving.

“The calf strew can hoop 150 calves. Long-term, we would like to be means to divert 250 cows.”

Further information

For some-more information, hit Evolution sales manager James McGrath on: 087-1247435; or email: [email protected].
Alternatively only click here

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