Best use for stomach tubing

Best use for stomach tubingBest use for stomach tubing

The calving deteriorate is a bustling time of year on farms, as calves on many farms are now being innate around a clock. Ensuring a calf receives adequate colostrum can mostly be time consuming, so many farmers select to use a stomach tube for a initial feed.

Ideally, a calf should be station so a colostrum is reduction expected to enter a lungs. However, calves that are too diseased to mount can be tubed in a sitting position and even while fibbing down.

The stomach tube is easier to use when calves are restrained. Young calves can be corroborated into a dilemma for improved conduct control.

The tube can be placed in comfortable H2O or lubricated to make it some-more pliable. The tip of a tube should afterwards be placed into a colostrum.

This might means a calf to siphon a finish of a tube, creation it easier for it to pass into a oesophagus.

A calf’s mouth can be non-stop by kindly squeezing a dilemma of a mouth or by grabbing a conduct over a overpass of a nose and kindly squeezing a top taste or gums.


Once a calf’s mouth is opened, a dull tube should be upheld solemnly along a tongue to a behind of a mouth.

When a tube is over a behind of a tongue, a calf starts nipping and swallowing it, after that a tube is upheld down into a oesophagus.

After a tube is in place and before any fluids are given, it should be checked for correct positioning in a oesophagus. If it is scrupulously positioned, a rings of a trachea (leading into a lungs) and a firm lengthened oesophagus can be felt easily.

If we can't feel both of these, mislay a tube and start again. Remember a “two-tube rule”- we should be means to feel a trachea and a stomach tube pipe.

The tube can be unclipped or straightened out or a enclosure can be sloping adult to concede glass to upsurge down into a stomach.

Liquids should be during physique heat (38⁰) to forestall startle to an already diseased calf. It might take 3 mins or some-more to concede sufficient liquid to be administered. The calf will heave reduction with a delayed upsurge rate.

When feeding is over, a tube should be solemnly removed. The tube should be spotless and sanitised, and authorised to empty and dry.

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