GDT index annals slight boost in latest auction

The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) index has posted a extrinsic boost in index in a latest auction.

The many new proposal – eventuality 281 – resolved currently (Tuesday, Apr 6) with a GDT Price Index adult 0.3%.

Lasting dual hours and 15 minutes, today’s eventuality saw 169 participating bidders go head-to-head opposite 15 behest rounds, with 99 winning bidders emerging.

A sum of 25,104MT of product was sole on a day.

Key results:

  • AMF index adult 0.8%, normal cost US$6,209/MT;
  • Butter index adult 2.0%, normal cost US$5,776/MT;
  • BMP index adult 17.6%, normal cost US$3,710/MT;
  • Ched index adult 2.2%, normal cost US$4,393/MT;
  • LAC index down 6.5%, normal cost US$1,307/MT;
  • SMP index adult 0.6%, normal cost US$3,367/MT;
  • SWP index not available, normal cost not available;
  • WMP index unchanged, normal cost US$4,085/MT.

The butter divert powder (BMP) index had by distant a many thespian pierce on a day, surging adult by 17.6% in index.

Lactose on a other palm saw a dump of 6.5% in index.

Other indexes hold comparatively stable, recording slight increases, with cheddar, butter, anhydrous divert fat (AMF) and slick divert powder (SMP) all induction rises of 2.2%, 2%, 0.8% and 0.6% respectively.

Whole divert powder duration remained unchanged, while honeyed whey powder (SWP) was once again not accessible on a day.

Today’s outcome means a lapse (albeit small) to index increases for a GDT in 2021, imprinting 6 rises out of 7 auctions so distant this year, following on from a dump of 3.8% last time out.

The latest index figure of 1,299 is, with a difference of early final month, a top a figure has been given Mar 2014.

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