Open Farm Weekend to run as practical eventuality for 2021

Organisers of Northern Ireland’s plantation open day eventuality ‘Open Farm Weekend’ have reliable this year’s eventuality will take place virtually.

This year outlines a 10th year of a event, that is sponsored by Bank of Ireland.

The 2021 open weekend will take place probably from Friday, Jul 30 until Sunday, Aug 1, with a packaged report of practical activities to showcase Northern Ireland food and tillage during a best.

The initiative, that is led by a Ulster Farmers’ Union, is nonetheless again set to constraint a imagination of families and foodies from opposite a range and give a genuine behind a scenes image of a internal farm-to-fork story.

Educating a public

Northern Ireland Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Edwin Poots said: “Our agri-food attention in NI is eminent worldwide for producing high quality, wholesome, healthful and award-winning food.

“Educating and creation consumers wakeful of a source of their food, and a tough work by a farmers in stability to furnish these high-quality products has an critical partial to play in progressing direct for a internal produce.

“My department’s continued support in a smoothness of Open Farm Weekend helps accommodate that task.

“I would like to appreciate a Bank of Ireland for their continued joining to this critical initiative.

“To a farms that are participating, we know that it can be a plea to ready and open adult your farms to a ubiquitous open – even in a practical universe – though we praise a tough work and passion that a horde farms put into creation a weekend so successful.

“I would inspire people to perspective a practical events to benefit an bargain of a efforts of a farmers and attention in stability to yield food on all a tables, generally during a really severe year,” Minister Poots added.

See behind a scenes on some-more than 20 farms

Although visitors are incompetent to physically attend farms again this year, a online activities via a weekend will still give a open a possibility to bond with some-more than 20 farms from opposite a province.

Richard Primrose, Bank of Ireland UK agri-business manager, said: “The expansion and wealth of a wider NI economy relies heavily on a abounding agri-food industry.

“The final year, in particular, has shown how critical this attention is to communities within NI and we’re unapproachable to be a pretension unite again to uncover a support.

“By stability a online format for Bank of Ireland Virtual Farm Weekend, it will give farmers a possibility to showcase their farms to new audiences.

“It will also yield a ideal eventuality to most illustrate and teach consumers on how a internal food is produced.”

Ulster Farmers’ Union emissary boss David Brown added: “The final 12 months have brought about a heightened recognition of where a food comes from and puts a internal supply sequence during a forefront of a minds.

“We inspire everybody to get behind this year’s eventuality and applaud a smashing furnish accessible right here in Northern Ireland,” he concluded.

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