Why is colostrum so critical for a baby calf?

Why is colostrum so critical for a baby calf?

Colostrum, also famous as beestings, is a initial and many critical line of counterclaim for a baby calf. It’s essential that a calf receives an adequate intake within a initial dual hours of life.

The fortitude of a Irish dairy courtesy is a heifer calves bred on your farms. Therefore, it’s critical that these animals get a best start in life and strike a belligerent running.

However, we can’t forget about a longhorn calves. They might be usually on a lot of farms for 14 days, though they aver as most courtesy as their womanlike siblings.


Not usually does colostrum yield nourishment to a calf, it’s also a source of maternal antibodies that strengthen a calf opposite infections; many of that start in early life.

Another reason because it’s critical to give beestings as shortly as probable is that a calf is unprotected to bugs immediately after birth; they don’t wait until a calf gets colostrum.

With this in mind, a calf weighing 35kg should get 3L of colostrum and a 45kg calf should accept 4L. Those feeding levels are essential for a calf’s destiny performance.

How good is your beestings?

It is strongly advisable for farmers to exam a peculiarity of a beestings constructed by their cows and this can be totalled by a use of a Brix Refractometer. Beestings containing 50mg/ml or some-more of IgG (immunoglobulin G) is deliberate a high-quality feed for baby calves.

When good-quality colostrum has been identified, it can be solidified and used during a after date. But, it should go but observant that this should usually come from a cow’s initial milking, as a antibody thoroughness of a second milking is usually half that of a beestings constructed during a initial milking.

Along with focusing on a peculiarity of colostrum, it’s also critical to remember a intensity risk of Johne’s disease.

When it comes to safeguarding your calves from this dear disease, it’s advisable to mislay a calf from a calving coop as shortly as probable after birth.

As a illness is widespread by a faecal verbal route, tying a calf’s time alongside his/her mom reduces a bearing to dung in a bedding and from approach bearing to a potentially putrescent cow.

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